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Homeless Poor Boy Had to Sleep on Garage Floor, Cried When He Discovered The Unexpected

Where it seemed that nothing in life was going right for them, and fate kept throwing obstacles their way, forcing them to overcome one trial after another.

The Spencer couple had been living in Florida for more than 10 years when their life took an abrupt turn that put their entire family’s survival at risk. They moved there during their first year of marriage, and while Mrs. Spencer, Olivia, was pregnant with her first child, Jack. The reason for the move was because her husband, Thomas Spence, received a juicy job offer from a new technology company, then it had a highly skilled accountant to their team.

Thomas and his wife didn’t hesitate and accepted the job offer with great enthusiasm, as this way they could also fulfill another of their biggest dreams – to live near the sea and raise a family in sunny Florida. And they succeeded. In fact, before they had lived there for five years, they had already doubled their family and welcomed their two beautiful sons, Jack and Thomas Jr., into the world.

For many years, their life was as happy as anyone could imagine. Thomas was happy at his job, where he managed to gain respect and quickly rose through the ranks to become the executive director of finance administration. Olivia, a talented ceramicist with a degree in Fine Arts from New York University, managed to set up her own pottery studio in a small shop near the waterfront and began selling her handcrafted dinnerware to local restaurants. Both were fulfilling their goals on a personal and professional level. Life had never been better for them.

However, the Spencers never came to see themselves as a privileged couple, as they continued to live in the small house they rented when they arrived in Florida. And their salaries, while fair in providing a good living, were still well below what was considered rich there.

As for their sons, Thomas Jr. and Jack, ages 6 and 10, respectively, they were happy children who were deeply loved by their parents. Both were smart, well-behaved children who’d never been any trouble and loved spending time with their parents more than anything else in the world. The two brothers also shared their father’s passion for basketball, and whenever they could, the whole family would buy tickets to see a game of their favorite team, the Orlando Magic.

So far, the story of this adorable couple is nothing special to make them stand out from the rest. Luck was smiling on them, and they had no serious problems to keep them awake at night.

However, fate did not want things to continue to be like this, and bad news began to come into their lives in the most unexpected way, bringing their whole world to a halt.

“Where somebody had to give you this news, but the tests we’ve carried out on you have detected that you have stage 3 pancreatic cancer. The good news is that you can still be operated on, although you’ll have to undergo a long course of chemotherapy,” the hospital doctor told Thomas when he came to receive the results of the annual medical checkup that all his company’s employees underwent.

Thomas went to the appointment calmly. He hadn’t noticed any change in his physical condition and was feeling fine, so the news took him completely by surprise. Pancreatic cancer? How can it be, doctor? I feel fine. It can’t be that I have cancer. I should have noticed it by now, don’t you think?” Thomas said to the doctor, very nervously. He’d started sweating, and his hands were shaking. Thomas had always been a polite and calm person, but that attitude wasn’t like him, and the doctor didn’t take it into account.

“Take it easy, Mr. Spencer. Please listen to me carefully. I know what I’ve just told you is very hard to digest, but you must do it fast. The sooner we begin treatment, the sooner I can operate, and the better your chances of survival. I’m sorry to be so direct, but I believe that being honest with my patients is the best way to deal with the diseases they have,” the doctor explained as tactfully as he could while he approached him to try and calm him down. Thomas had stopped looking him in the eye and was about to burst into tears.

“I’ll do whatever you say, doctor. Anything. My family needs me, and I can’t bear to have to say goodbye to them. It’s not my time. I’ll fight till the end when we start,” Thomas ended up telling him with tears in his eyes as he clenched his fist and got used to the idea of everything he would have to overcome in the coming months.

But the idea Thomas had in his mind about everything that would have to happen was far from what actually happened. His and his family’s life changed completely after he fell ill, and their well-being and financial stability, something they’d never had to worry about before, began to teeter dangerously.

Months after he started his chemotherapy sessions, Olivia tried to keep the children away from the hospital and tried not to let their routines be too affected by their father’s illness. To no avail, the children asked more and more questions and realized that something was wrong. Week after week, they watched as their father struggled to survive against the cancer, languishing under the force of the treatments and leaving him with barely any strength.

After nine months of intense treatments, Thomas was finally able to undergo a dangerous operation that would ultimately save his life. However, the cost of his recovery, to him and his family, was much higher than they could have imagined.

Thomas was unable to work for years after the operation; his recovery was very slow and painful and prevented him from doing almost any normal day-to-day activity. Olivia and the children stayed by his side all the time to help him during all the months he was bedridden and unable to move.

“We’ll never leave you alone, Daddy. No matter what happens, we’ll always take care of you and stick together,” his children told him one night when their father was very weak. The children helped him take his medicine; spending time in their company was the best therapy for him.

However, although the family felt more united than ever against adversity, the entire time Thomas was unable to work, which eventually drained the family’s financial capacity. All their savings had vanished during the first year of treatment, and now, a year later, they still had to pay for the cost of surgery and recovery care expenses were mounting, and the family’s money was running out by the minute.

Not even Olivia’s sacrifice, being forced to downsize her pottery studio and start working two jobs to try to fix the situation, was enough to pay the medical bills that kept mounting as the weeks went by. Despite all their efforts, the Spencers eventually lost their home, and with their father still convalescing, the family was forced to pack up and move temporarily into a spare room at a close family friend’s house.

With rent prices skyrocketing in Florida, the family couldn’t afford to rent another smaller apartment to live in, and while they were always happy to still be together, they all silently dreamed of the day they could all be back in a place they could call home again.

After a couple of months and knowing that they wouldn’t be able to live at their friend’s house forever, the family moved into a hotel in pretty bad shape that they checked in and out of daily. It was the only viable option with the little savings they had left. This routine became exhausting, but they had no choice if they didn’t want to end up on the streets.

In spite of everything, the children’s parents tried to shower their children with love and told them that soon it would be over and they’d be able to return to their own home. The couple wanted their children to know that despite everything that had happened, they were safe and secure as long as they were together; their strength in numbers, and family’s the strongest anchor.

“Dad and Mom are going through a hard time right now, but we love you madly and will never let anything bad happen to you. Trust us, my children. As long as we stick together and love each other, everything will work out. I can feel it,” Olivia told her children one night when the oldest child, Jack, asked her when the situation would end.

Weeks continued to pass, and the family still couldn’t find a solution. But instead of taking it out on the kids, Olivia decided to do something different and used TikTok to release her emotions and ask for help.

She posted a video that quickly went viral, saying, “When you’ve been homeless for over half a year, your kids have been sleeping on the floor of a garage, you have three days left in your temporary housing, and you’ve been denied another place to live because the rental crisis in Florida is out of control, this is what’s happening, this is our reality, and I don’t know what to do anymore to get my family a home again.”

No one could have expected the effect Olivia’s video had. People on the internet pitied the mother and her family, who wanted nothing more than for their children to live in a comfortable place. From all over the world, messages poured in, showering them with love and prayers. And by God’s grace, these prayers were finally answered.

It turned out that the owner of a large real estate chain in Florida saw the video and was so moved by their story that he decided to give them one of his apartments to live in, free of charge. The man’s name was Marcus Wick, and he took it upon himself to go and break the news to the family in person. He didn’t want anyone to mislead them or feel it was a prank by some netizen. The family received the keys to their new home just a couple of days after Olivia’s video went viral, and after more than nine months of homelessness, the boys finally had a home to live with their parents.

The couple decided to drive to the new house following the directions that Mr. Wick had previously given them. When they got out of the car and saw where they were going to live, their youngest son, Thomas Jr., was stunned. The little boy jumped up and down and cried in disbelief and then hugged his older brother and parents. The Spencers’ sadness had come to an end, and they would never again have to worry about not knowing where they would sleep the next day.

“Mom, we made it! It’s our house!” he shouted. He needed to let off steam and was relieved that at last he no longer had to sleep on a garage floor. The boy had his own space at home. Olivia also recorded that exciting moment and shared it through her social media to show her joint appreciation for what they’d done for her family.

Upon seeing the second video, people on the internet couldn’t help but share their comments about the family’s plight and expressed their full support. One of them praised the older brother for comforting his little brother when he started crying:

“Did anyone else notice that the older brother didn’t even allow himself to feel it? He immediately went to his brother to provide protection and safety,” he wrote in the comments. “Very emotional. Kids just want security. I remember the feeling of being able to have something to call your own. After experiencing the opposite. Priceless. God bless this family, may they never have to know this feeling again,” said another.

Finally, when weeks later, Olivia shared new images showing the children enjoying their new home, everyone was so happy for them and filled the internet with blessings for them.

Today, the family still lives in Florida in a small house that they managed to buy after getting a jury defined in their favor and compensated them for being evicted from their home. Despite Thomas’s serious illness and the expenses they had to face because of it, later, Thomas also managed to rejoin his job as head of the finance department at his former company, and Olivia returned to work in her pottery studio. Thomas’s cancer had been completely removed, and the doctors told him that his recovery had been a success. Most importantly, Thomas Jr. and Jack would never again have to worry about not knowing if they would have a bed to sleep in or enough food to eat for the rest of the week.

Charity still exists, and although it is hard for many of us to see it, reading stories as beautiful as this one makes us want to believe in it again.

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