Between Lamidi Adeyemi, Lamidi Adedibu and LAsisi Arisekola…The Tripodal Force That Ruled Oyo State. By Kayode Adejumo-Bello –
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Between Lamidi Adeyemi, Lamidi Adedibu and LAsisi Arisekola…The Tripodal Force That Ruled Oyo State. By Kayode Adejumo-Bello

Imagine the awesome combination of the traditional, the spiritual, the economical and the political power wielded in the influential circle of the triumvirate: Adedibu, Arisekola and Alaafin Lamidi Adeyemi III!

Imagine what that assortment of a combo can precipitate politically, economically and socially.

That is why in their lifetimes they held the rule over Oyo state and Yorubaland almost in the capacity of ‘patron saints’. The trio combined forces to determine where the state goes; politically, economically and socially.

If you succeeded in making them your ally. You have succeeded. If otherwise, you have failed. It was as simple as that.

For Adedibu will not tow a line except he had cleared with his buddies; Alaafin Lamidi and Aare Arisekola. And vice versa.

They were feared and respected in equal measures. They were ‘de facto.’

Apparently they knew the possibilities inherent in their union and they mined it to the hilt. In their days, You WON’T become the Governor of Oyo state without their buy-in. You CAN’T.

Their friendship, from my personal observation hit the Olympian heights just around the 1996 zero party elections experiment. Together, they didn’t look back until the first leg of the tripod gave way on 11 June, 2008. That was the day we lost the revered strongman of Ibadan, nay Oyo state politics, Alhaji Lamidi Adedibu, who was the political compass of the group.

Fittingly, Aare Arisekola and Alaafin Adeyemi were the natural Executors of the vast estate of the late Lamidi Adedibu. Six years down the line unfortunately-before he could fully discharge on that mandate, Aare Arisekola himself passed on in his UK home on 16 June, 2014.

Eru eniyan meta di eru enikan.

Kabiyesi Iku Baba Yeye, Lamidi Adeyemi thus resumed as the combined sole custodian of that esteemed power bloc.

And he discharged creditably.

He was the power behind many civilian administrations of the state. If he moved against you, you are naked. He became the one and only Orisa that the state must pay obeisance to.

Happily, he was always where his people wanted to go. He was egalitarian and progressive.

He was respected throughout Yorubaland, Nigeria and the diaspora. He was a worthy philosopher king, royal statesman and the foremost custodian of culture and tradition.

Alas, Iku Baba Yeye himself transited into the pantheon of the god’s on 22 April, 2022. United with his friends Lamidi and Lasisi.

United with our long departed ancestors-Baba Obafemi Awolowo, Adekunle Ajasin, Abraham Adesanya, Ajibola Ige, MKO Abiola and the hosts of them.

Atanda is finally reunited with Sango his father in the territory of all the other god’s of Yorubaland. With all the past 42 Alaafins before him…Oba ki’ku, Alaafin Atanda wo’le ni’barra.

Odi gbere Atanda. O d’arinnako! Omo Iku ti’ku o gbodo pa. Omo arun t’arun o gbodo gbe de!

Kayode Adejumo-Bello,
Professional Biographer and Creative writer,
Member, Biographers International Organisation

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