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Everyone Laughed When He Married a Black Woman With 4 Kids. Years Later, They Regretted It!

“Everyone laughed when an American Korean man decided to marry a black woman with four kids. But years later, those people who had mocked and ridiculed them regretted how harshly they had judged the couple.

Ever since Selena May set eyes on a boy called Jolie in the same class as her at school, she knew that they were fated to be together. That seemed like a strange thing to say, but it’s true. The two of them had always shared an undeniable connection from the moment they first met when they were only 13 years old. They found each other to be very easy to talk to and get along with, and they quickly became the best of friends.


Even at that young age, the two of them did have their differences, though. Alina was a beautiful black girl with long curly hair and dark skin. On the other hand, Joe was an American Korean and looked nothing like his childhood best friend. While many people may be put off by these differences, neither Elena nor Joe cared at all. In fact, despite their differences in cultural background, their bond seemed to blow away any obstacles that came their way.

Throughout their teenage years, they were inseparable, supporting each other through the ups and downs of adolescence. They eventually started casually dating, and they found that even though they had known each other for many years, their bond never waned or weakened. In fact, it only became stronger. It really was like some kind of fairy tale, and Alina and Joe were incredibly happy together.


However, just like all good fairy tales, the story had to end. As time went on, the two of them grew and matured. The responsibilities of adulthood beckoned, and Alina and Joe found themselves drifting apart. It was as if life itself was conspiring to break the unlikely couple apart, and sadly, this is exactly what happened. Life took them on separate paths, leading them to explore different opportunities and form other relationships with other people.

For many years, the two of them didn’t see each other, and even though they thought about one another from time to time, even those thoughts grew more and more infrequent. It wasn’t until fate seemed to intervene that Alina and Joe ran into each other outside a buzzing nightclub years later. While at first, they didn’t even notice each other, they suddenly realized who the other was.


This unbelievable chance encounter brought back a flood of beautiful and happy memories and ultimately reignited the connection they had long forgotten. They spent the entire night catching up on lost time, laughing, reminiscing, and realizing how truly connected and right for each other they were.

Again, though, fate stuck a knife in and twisted, and Alina and Joe once again lost touch not long after this beautiful and unexpected reunion. Once more, their lives became entangled in various relationships, both experiencing the joy and heartache that love often brings. But neither of them ever settled or felt 100% whole. It was as if a part of them yearned for something more significant, a love they hadn’t found in any of their previous relationships.


But was it too late for Alina and Joe to reconnect once and for all? Only time would tell. Like poetry rhymes, Joe and Alina once again bumped into each other by sheer chance years later and spent an entire day catching up. It was like the two of them were pieces of a puzzle meant to fit perfectly, and someone somewhere was doing their darndest to truly connect them.

On this chance meeting, they decided that they would not let it end like the previous one. They knew what they wanted in life and, more importantly, who they wanted: each other. Their hearts swelled with excitement and anticipation, as if the universe was finally aligning their paths for good this time.


Both Alina and Joe were determined to make it work. They became a couple, and finally, they both felt whole and happy. The two of them discovered new depths of love and passion that they thought were only reserved for storybooks and romance novels. And despite their differences and how life had drawn them apart for the longest time, they were finally happy, happier than they had ever been.

Of course, it was not all smooth sailing. There were plenty of naysayers who were unhappy with the coupling, and many prejudices reared their heads when Joe finally decided to propose to Elena. Why would a black woman and an American Korean man get married? It didn’t make sense. They didn’t see what Alina and Joe had.


The other issue was that Elena had four children from her previous relationships. People didn’t understand or didn’t want to understand that Joe knew about them and wasn’t worried about it. He was happy, and he loved Alina as she was, kids and all. He would happily accept four children into his life if it meant he could be with the love of his life.

But of course, people still ridiculed and made cruel remarks about Joe for choosing to marry a black woman with four children from a previous relationship. But Alina’s infectious zest for life and Joe’s unwavering support shielded them from the negativity that surrounded their love. Their love became an inspirational testament to breaking boundaries, smashing stereotypes, and celebrating the beauty that emerges from accepting other people and their differences.


As time went on, love triumphed over discrimination. Elena and Joe finally married, and their family grew, expanding their brood to seven children. Their household became a bustling hub of love, learning, and cultural exchange. And neither Joe nor Elena would have had it any other way. Their children grew up embracing and cherishing those that looked different or had a different heritage, making them the next generation of open and accepting humans.

Did people still mock them and laugh about the strange coupling? Sure, Alina and Joe would walk down the street hand in hand, and they could guarantee that at least one or two people would stop and stare or point or even laugh. But like water from a duck’s back, they didn’t let it affect them. There were two souls that were meant to be together, and no amount of bullying, racism, or external hardships and judgments would take away from the fact that they truly were soulmates.


But the story doesn’t end there. You see, the family started a YouTube channel. At first, it was to document their own little adventures and their story, more for them to look back on in later years. It was a nice way of documenting things for their children, and Alina and Joe thought that one day, their kids could look back and see how life had changed and how society had hopefully become more accepting of diversity.

But there was an unexpected consequence of their YouTube channel. They started to grow quite a large following. Their story of hardship and trial resonated with people from around the world, and more and more viewers would tune in to keep up with the family and show them nothing but love and support. It was a safe space for people to connect and share their own stories of their own hardships and even form lifelong friendships or even relationships of their own.


The YouTube channel really did bloom into something beautiful. Neither Alina nor Joe had intended for this to happen, but they were grateful that it had. They took it as a sign, as if fate was apologizing to them for pulling their lives apart so many times over the years. Their dedication to each other and their love was finally paying off. And do you remember those people who were laughing when Alina and Joe first became a couple? Well, they weren’t laughing anymore.

Through their YouTube channel, the family was bringing in more money than most of those discriminatory people could have ever dreamed of earning. And most importantly, they were happier than many other so-called normal couples.

Alina, Joe, and the family became something that people from around the world could look to for inspiration as well as entertainment. They had been through so much and looked oppression and judgment in the face and laughed, coming out of the other side still as much in love as ever. It just goes to show that love always finds a way to win.


So now it’s over to you. What did you think of this incredible story? Have you ever been cruelly judged because of who you were in a relationship with? How do you think Alina and Joe felt when they were ridiculed for wanting to get married? As always, we love to hear from you, so be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section down below.”

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