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A woman gave birth to twins at age 55. Son-in-law saw the birthmark on her babies and froze in shock

“For the past few days, Vivian had been feeling a little unwell. She even wanted to decline the birthday party of her best friend who lived out of the city, but at the last moment, she agreed, deciding that everything would be fine, especially since she recently managed to buy a great dress that hid her curvy form.

During the last few months, Vivian became catastrophically fast to put on weight, and no diets helped at all. The woman was even joking sadly that now she gets fat literally from a glass of water.

Now, sitting at the festive table, Vivian thoughtfully looked at the bubbles of champagne in a tall glass and listened to another toast in honor of the birthday woman. As suddenly as she was hit by the first wave of pain, with difficulty she got up from the table to go to the balcony and get some fresh air.


But as soon as she took a few steps, she literally bent in half from a new wave of enveloping pain. Her friend stopped her husband who was congratulating her at the moment and rushed to Vivian. She noticed her eyes widened with horror and realized that her friend was in a lot of pain and called an ambulance.

Because all of the gathered were already a little drunk, and a cab here should be ordered in advance, Vivian was carefully placed on the couch, but the woman could neither sit nor lie down in pain. The whole time before the arrival of the ambulance seemed to be an eternity, and she already seriously thought she was dying.


When the ambulance arrived, the woman was so exhausted by the wavy contractions that she could barely contain herself from screaming her head off. The very young paramedic gave Vivian a quick examination, palpating her pulse and her abdomen. “How many weeks?” he asked, looking intensely into the woman’s face.

“What do you mean, how many weeks?” she retorted. “Pregnancy?” “You’re having the most real contractions – pregnancy. But it can’t be,” she whispered with pale lips and felt warm rush down her legs. Seeing this, the paramedic and a colleague quickly loaded the woman into the ambulance. The driver turned on the siren and accelerated. He had never in his life seen such an adult woman in labor, though he had driven many of them in his 20 years in the ambulance.


Looking at the woman, the doctor took off his watch and began to count something. They had been racing down the highway for about 15 minutes when he ordered the car to stop. The driver pulled into a small parking lot and turned around in surprise; it was still halfway to the hospital. “We can’t get there,” the doctor explained.

She’s already in labor.” While the driver radioed for backup with a paramedic intensive care physician, the paramedic took another careful look at the laboring woman. She noticed how the young man was trying in vain to keep his hands from trembling and began to pray mentally. She was insanely hurt and ashamed.

Who could have thought that only one night with a man, in years, would turn into such a nightmare? And how could she, an experienced woman who had given birth to two children, not know she was pregnant?


In the meantime, the doctor encouraged her with a smile and said, “Scream if it’s easier, and let’s start pushing and breathing.” Already ten minutes later, a child’s loud cry echoed around the track. The happy doctor quickly examined and cared for the premature but quite viable baby.

He was about to congratulate the mother on the happy ending of her unexpected pregnancy when he noticed that the labor did not stop. “Don’t relax, dear, it looks like you have a multiple pregnancy,” he said to the exhausted woman.

Vivian clutched her heart in panic and once again began to push and pray. Five minutes later, another little baby came into the world. The perinatal intensive care team that arrived at that moment applauded the elderly library mother and the emergency doctor who had managed to cope with a difficult situation.


Then the newborns were quickly loaded into a specialized vehicle and taken to the maternity hospital. Vivian was taken there afterwards too.

The babies were placed in a sterile box for premature babies, and relatives were allowed to visit the new mother. Her daughter, Camilla, and her husband, Scott, were the first two who arrived at the hospital.

Camilla was shocked and could not understand how her mother could not have noticed that she was pregnant, especially with twins. Vivian only sadly excused herself, “It’s all my obesity. I thought I was just gaining weight, and that’s why I was dieting.” When the daughter asked who the father was, Vivienne only shook her head, and Camila was a little offended that her mother hides such important information.


At this moment, Camila turned to her husband, looking for support, and raised her eyebrows in surprise. “What happened?” she asked. Scott looked up at her with his white face and showed her the screen of his phone.

The nurse on duty kindly took pictures for Vivian of her newborns because she was not allowed to visit them yet. It was these pictures that Scott was looking at. Camila again carefully looked at the pictures. At first, she did not understand what shook her husband, and then shuddered and transferred her angered eyes to her husband. “How dare you?”


The babies in the neonatal intensive care unit had large birthmarks on their right shoulder, exactly the same as Camila’s husband’s shoulder. The man looked indignantly at his wife, “Honey, come on, how could you think…?” Then, “How can you explain it?” The young woman poked angrily at the screen.

Scott only spread his hands questioningly, “I don’t know, these birthmarks in our family have been passed down from generation to generation to all the men of my family. My grandfather had it, my father, me. But I swear I have nothing to do with your mother’s children.”


Camila waved her hand tiredly and said that everything was so clear to her, and she was going to file for divorce. After that, without looking at her mother, she left the room, slamming the door loudly.

A frustrated Scott looked at his mother-in-law, “Please try to explain to your daughter that there is nothing going on with me and you. This is some kind of terrible coincidence. She’s really going to file for divorce; I don’t want to lose her because I love her,” and he rushed to catch up with Camilla.

Vivian felt very bad and ashamed. She was terrified that she couldn’t tell them who the children’s father was. It was too much for her. The woman lay turned to the wall and wept silently. She thought, though her tears, that she was 55 years old, not 30, and not strong enough. Of course, now she felt quite well.


She did not smoke, and she had no serious health problems. But that was today, and what about 10 years from now? These thoughts made the woman even more upset. Tired of crying, after a while, Vivian stared at the ceiling, remembering how she got into the situation.

That time before the wedding, her daughter’s fiance had taken her and Camilla to introduce them to his father, who had raised them. Lawrence was a retired military man and a widower. The atmosphere of the spacious country house disposed to romance. In addition, Scott’s father was a very savvy and pleasant man and immediately took a liking to Vivian.

Immediately after a formal dinner, the children went into town, and Scott’s father persuaded Vivian to stay for the weekend at his house. She could not resist his courtship, and in the morning, of course, she betrayed herself so that it could not be a relationship between them. Then she quickly called a cab and left like a guilty girl.


Vivian was sure there would be no consequences because of her age, but how wrong she was. At that moment, Vivian suddenly calmed down. She sat down on the bed and told herself that it was time to pull herself together and stop crying.

The babies needed a mother and a father. She took the phone out from under her pillow and called Lawrence, trying to hide the tears in her voice. Vivian told him what had happened. When she finished, there was silence on the phone. Vivian timidly asked if he had nothing to say, but Lawrence only asked for the address of the maternity hospital and said he would be there soon.


An hour later, he came into the room with a huge bouquet of flowers. “Oh dear, I thought it was a joke until the last minute. But when I said your name and saw the nurse’s face, I realized it was true,” he came closer, looked Vivian in the eyes, and kissed her cheek.

“Congratulations, mommy, and stop crying. Babies are always great; don’t worry, we’ll handle it.” Then they stood together at the huge ICU window, looking at the babies lying in the nurse’s arms. “Yeah, there’s no turning away our birthmark, and both of them,” Lawrence laughed softly. “Think, what shall we name them?”

And Vivian smiled happily, looking at her own babies and experienced again the almost forgotten feeling of great joy of motherhood. A month later, the happy parents took the babies, who had put on weight, home.


Lawrence insisted that Vivian and the children moved to the countryside since it was better for the children to grow up in nature, not in the smoggy city. Vivian immersed herself into family life.

Thanks to the worries, she had to deal with, she noticeably lost weight and became prettier. Or maybe it was the effect of unexpected motherhood and late love on her. Lawrence looked at her with shining eyes and was happy to be a father and husband at such an age. Indeed, all things work out for the best.”

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