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He hugged his girlfriend and immediately knew something was wrong, ‘then their lives changed forever’!

When you’re in a relationship you tend to know everything about your significant other. You can tell their mood by just looking at them–you’re an expert at their body language.

Which is why when one man hugged his longtime girlfriend as he normally would, he noticed something was terribly wrong, and his worst nightmare came to life.

The lovely couple, Jake and Emma, reportedly met when they were in grade school and ended up reuniting nearly a decade later, with a touching modern-day love story.

They were planning the rest of their life together. Unfortunately, things took an unexpected tragic turn that completely changed everything.

Just few days before their vacation, Emma was on one of her regular trips to visit Jake. On the last day of their blissful stretch of time together, she asked a simple request of her boyfriend: to give her a neck massage. The request seemed simple enough and Jake obliged, happy to do something nice for the woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, but as he wrapped his hands around her, he noticed something that made him freeze. Jake had found a lump in Emma’s neck and immediately feared the worst.

“We were just two people in love lying on a beach without a care in the world… who would have known what was to happen next…” he reminisced. Much to their devastation, the couple was informed that Emma was one of the youngest people in the country with a rare type of thyroid cancer.

The diagnosis confirmed that it had spread to her spine, lungs, liver and bones. Heartbreakingly, they were told that Emma’s condition was incurable. Taking on life hand-in-hand, Emma and Jake decided they wouldn’t give in to the disease and together they defiantly charged ahead fully prepared to battle for her young life. Like everything in life, Emma approached the feat with her signature optimism and a megawatt smile. Jake filled Emma’s final days with love and laughter.

They adopted a fur-baby named Molly, wrote a children’s book together and raised money cancer charities. But the cancer finally got the better of Emma 9 months into their marriage. Jake talks about Emma’s final moments in the beautiful tribute he wrote soon after her death: “She was surrounded by all her family and was as comfortable as she could be,” Jake wrote on their blog.

“The evening sun was still shining, the French doors were open, the birds were singing their evening song and three dogs and a very minxy Milly moo (Emma’s and my beautiful 2 and a half year old niece) played and danced around her in a perfect blissful ignorance. It was exactly how Emmy would have wanted it to be.”

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