After hiding the truth from me for long, She Finally Confessed That She Gave My Baby To Another Man –
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After hiding the truth from me for long, She Finally Confessed That She Gave My Baby To Another Man

I was very popular in my class because I was really smart. It wasn’t because I was the most fun or good-looking. I think the girls liked me because of my intelligence. They paid a lot of attention to me and were always around me, just like bees hovering over honey. I have to admit, I let all the attention go to my head. I enjoyed being the reason they smiled and giggled. It made me feel special when they looked at me with amazement every time I did something clever.

When we started junior high school, two girls joined our class. They were supposed to be in a higher grade, but for some reason, they stayed behind. At first, they seemed a bit uncomfortable around us, but eventually, they started to fit in. I became friends with one of them, and there was something about her that made me really fond of her. She made my heart race, and I felt something special for her that I had never felt before. I was confused about my feelings and didn’t know what to do about them.


I thought that if I ignored my feelings, they would go away, but it only made them stronger. I wanted to tell her how I felt, but I couldn’t find the courage to do it. Keeping my emotions bottled up inside made me feel miserable. Eventually, I decided to confide in one of my male friends. I asked him to talk to her on my behalf and let her know how I felt. My friend agreed to help, and we were both happy when Athena, the girl I liked, revealed that she felt the same way and agreed to be my girlfriend.

Our love was beautiful and innocent in the beginning. I still remember the gift she gave me on my sixteenth birthday: a canned malt drink and biscuits. Those were the days when we were still young and innocent. It would have been great if we could have stayed that way, but as we grew older, curiosity took over. We started to feel natural desires and began exploring each other in ways that adults warned us against. It started with kisses and intimate touches, but soon we wanted more. We got carried away and did things that we weren’t supposed to do. I could ask her to meet me late at night, and she would sneak out to be with me.

During a long vacation, I had to go live with my uncle, and I had to change schools. Unfortunately, Athena’s phone stopped working, and we lost contact with each other. But I never gave up hope of finding my way back to her. I held onto the belief that we would be together again.


While I held onto that hope, I started hearing rumors that my girlfriend was pregnant. It worried me because if she was truly pregnant, there was a chance that I could be the father. I desperately wanted to know the truth. Luckily, I heard from her that same month. The first thing I asked her about was the pregnancy. I wanted to know who was spreading such rumors. She denied being pregnant and asked me why people were saying that. I asked her again, wanting to know the truth. I needed to be sure. But she kept insisting that she wasn’t pregnant. We couldn’t seem to make any progress in our conversation, so I had no choice but to let it go. All of this happened in the years 2014 and 2015.

The next time I heard from Athena was when I was in high school. She called me to tell me that she had given birth. I was confused because she had previously denied being pregnant. I asked her, “Why are you telling me now that you’ve given birth if you said you weren’t pregnant? And please, tell me, is the child mine?” She didn’t hesitate to answer and said, “No, you are not the father,” she replied immediately. I wasn’t convinced and continued to question her about the paternity of her child. Every time I asked, she simply responded with the phrase, “He is around.”


As time passed, we managed to stay in touch, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that Athena had lied to me about the true father of her child. Despite the doubts, I chose to remain a part of her life. It was just last year that I finally convinced her to visit me. When she arrived, I gathered the courage to ask her once again, pleading, “Please, tell me the truth. This is the last time I’ll ask. Who is the real father of your child?”

That day, Athena finally confessed, revealing, “It’s you, Emma. It has always been you.” She explained that when I had asked her about the pregnancy, she was attempting to terminate it, so she didn’t see any reason to tell me the truth at that moment. Unfortunately, her efforts to end the pregnancy were unsuccessful, and she had to carry the child to term.


“When my mother asked me who the father was, I pointed to a friend of mine in our neighborhood. We were close, so people believed me. He denied being the father, but nobody believed him. My parents thought he was lying, so they took him to court. He was forced to accept responsibility for the pregnancy, and he has been taking care of us ever since.” As she finished explaining, I was at a loss for words. I was amazed that she had gone through all this trouble just to spare me the burden of fatherhood.

Before she left, I pleaded with Athena to come clean with her mother and release the innocent guy from this false responsibility. No man should be wrongly accused and burdened with a pregnancy that isn’t his. She agreed to set things straight and reveal the truth to her mother.


Now, armed with the truth, I am faced with a mix of emotions. While I am relieved that I am the true father of Athena’s child, I am also saddened by the lies and the consequences they brought upon an innocent person. I hope that by setting things right, we can all find the closure and peace we need to move forward.

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