She was Forced to Marry a Stranger for Money, She Didn’t Want to, But When She Saw His Face –
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She was Forced to Marry a Stranger for Money, She Didn’t Want to, But When She Saw His Face

Tiali was at the place where she was going to marry a man she didn’t even know. A day before, she cried because she couldn’t do something about it. Finally, she was about to walk through the door, and what she saw next made her heart beat to the limit. As that well-known phrase goes, “nothing comes for free in this life.” In the end, everything will have a price, and we must pay for it. The story you will see below is true and happened in China, more specifically in the province of Yunnan.

You see, Glee was a very beautiful girl, applied and eager to excel. But unfortunately, her life was not rosy. From a very young age, she suffered a great loss; her mother died when she was only three years old. Her father was widowed but after two years, he fell in love again, and Jiali, now called another woman, her mother. She was very kind and loving to her. But when Gia Li turned eight years old, she received the news that her father had suffered an accident. No one supported him when he was run over and died.


Gia Lee was now left in the care of her stepmother. Luckily, the father had left a big house and good savings that could help them in the future. Soon, however, Glee would know true suffering. Her stepmother began to act differently, no longer loving, but treating her badly. Soon, that woman would marry another man, and as time went by, they would spend all of Gili’s father’s money. Even the girl, as she grew up, was treated like a servant and had to take care of siblings who were not even hers. But she learned to love them as her own. In fact, she took care of them because her parents were not responsible.

After Gili’s father’s money ran out, the couple forced her to work in the town where she lived. She sold candy on the street, and all the money she earned had to be given to them, who only spent it at home, doing nothing and waiting for the easy money. Glee wanted to study, but it was difficult to do so. She did not even manage to finish high school because she worked. She was a noble girl; she could easily have escaped, but she felt sorry for her stepbrothers. As she was the eldest, she felt she had to protect them.


One day, the younger one fell ill, and Gli had no choice but to look for a job in the city. You see, China is one of the most populated countries in Asia. Because of that, getting a job can become a challenge for many people. Sometimes the salary is not enough. Gli managed to get a job at a coffee shop, but the pay was not good.


One day, while she was at her job, she got a call from her stepfather. He told her that she should send more money, and before hanging up, he told her that he had found her a husband who was going to pay her a lot of money. On her wedding day, he told her that the guy was a good man and his family was well-to-do. In fact, he had just moved to a good area. So her stepfather rushed to his house to offer Gia Lee’s hand.

The man, seeing how beautiful she was, accepted. This came as a surprise to Gli because marriage had not been on her mind. It was really unexpected. It just didn’t feel right; she didn’t want to get married. She didn’t even know who this man was. But thinking that this union could help her sick stepbrother, she had no choice but to accept the proposal.


You see, in China, many young girls marry men they don’t know, as their parents agree to give their daughters to the highest bidder. Two weeks later, a luxurious car arrived at Gia Lee’s work. The girl’s boss in the cafeteria said to her in astonishment, “A guy came looking for you.” It turned out that the suitor had sent his chauffeur to take Glee to her stepfather’s house. The unknown man didn’t want her to work anymore that day. The girl quit her job.

All the people were shocked to see such a luxurious car in a common coffee shop in the city. But Gia Lee was not even surprised. Finally, she got in, and the chauffeur said, “Miss Glee, it’s nice to meet you. But you look sad; you should be glad that soon your life will change for the better.” She only nodded and asked the driver, “What is he like?” “He’s a good man; I can’t tell you more. You must meet him yourself.”


After a few hours of travel, Gili finally arrived at his home. The family welcomed her. As she entered, she noticed a big change. Everyone had new clothes; her step-siblings had new school supplies and even a laptop. Even the youngest one, who was unwell, had his medicines and even a nurse in charge. It was incredible what she was seeing. That man who had asked for her hand was helping them, just for her. She was sad but at the same time happy to see that her step-siblings were no longer hungry.

“My dear daughter, you will be married in a few days. Your future husband is a very

good man; he is giving a lot for us,” said the stepmother. “Daughter, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have this. We love you.” Finally, a week passed. There was a knock at the door, and Glee went to see who it was. Then she saw the chauffeur again. “Hello, I’ve come to take you to buy your wedding dress.” The young girl was very astonished. The chauffeur smiled at her.


They got into the car and drove to the center of the city. Then they came to a store where the dresses were not less than thirteen thousand yuan. The woman was confused and insisted that it was better not to spend so much money for a dress that she could get at a lower price. But the driver told her that his boss had given orders to buy her a dress from that store. The girl couldn’t say no, knowing all the support her family had already given her. Of course, she chose the cheapest dress in the place.

Then the chauffeur took her to another store to buy her the necessary jewelry and makeup. Finally, the girl left with her purchases and headed for the car. She arrived home with everything she had bought. In five days, she would marry the man she had never met before.


So that unexpected day arrived. Once again, she heard the door of her house ring. Gilly was finishing her makeup, hiding the dark circles under her eyes from crying. Her family had already left for the ceremony site. Then she opened the door, and in front of her lay the chauffeur. “I’ve come to pick you up. Is she ready yet?” he asked. So she nodded and got into the car that would take her toward her new life, a life with a completely unknown man. What more could she ask for? Two lifeless parents, and now she would lose hers. Along the way, she began to cry.

The driver noticed this and said, “Why are you crying?” “I’m crying because I didn’t want this. Maybe if my parents were here, none of this would have happened. I could have left, but my step-siblings are everything to me, and I never thought that this would be the only option for them to be well. What I do, I do for them. I would have liked to study; I would have liked to live my own way, marry a man I knew and choose.” The driver just said, “I understand,” and fell silent.


Minutes later, they passed an avenue, but there was a lot of traffic. It turned out that an accident had occurred a block ahead. A little girl was seriously injured. Seeing that no one was approaching, the girl immediately asked the driver to stop the car and rushed out to the little girl to help her. Glee lay beside the girl who had hemorrhaged from a wound. Her luxurious dress had been stained with blood, but that didn’t matter to her. She was the only one who acted selflessly to help, while the other people only gathered to watch. Perhaps she didn’t want something similar to her father to happen.

Fortunately, the nearest hospital was only a few blocks away. So she managed to get her there with the help of the driver. Once the girl was in good hands, the bride finally thought about her wedding ceremony, which would be very late for her. So she rushed out of the hospital. Glee asked the driver to hurry as much as he could, and when they arrived, she was the first to quickly get out of the car and approach the people who were waiting for her. They all looked at her worriedly. Her dress was all stained with blood, but, “What happened to you?” they asked her.


“Where’s the man who asked for my hand? I came to get married, as we had arranged,” she exclaimed, almost in tears. “Daughter, he is behind you.” The girl came back and couldn’t believe it. That’s when she discovered that she had already seen him and even talked to him since the only man looking was the driver. Yes, the real boyfriend was the driver.

This one came up to her and said, “Glee, I’m so sorry you had to go through all this. You see, when your stepfather arrived, I became very interested in you. I thought you were a very beautiful woman. I couldn’t stop thinking about you, so I called him and told him I wanted to take your hand but first, I wanted to make sure I knew what you were really like.


After witnessing everything you did to help your stepbrothers, after seeing how you were made to suffer by those two people who should have taken care of you like real parents, after seeing how you save that unknown girl and ruined the expensive dress you had and were late for the ceremony, I will be lucky that you are my friend and not the wife I expected. In the end, you will decide who you are going to stay with. You are free.”

At that moment, the stepfather spoke, “Aren’t you going to get married and the money you promised to give us?” The man said, “No marriage, no money. From now on, Glee will be more lonely, and I will get lawyers to get her to get custody of her stepbrothers, since you were never interested in them. And, by the way, think about moving, because that house belongs to her. It is the only inheritance from her real parents. Julee, from today, you will have my full support. You’re going to study and accomplish all your goals. Take it for granted.”


Tears of joy began to flow down Gia Li. She couldn’t believe it. It was something she never imagined would happen. As time went by, Gilly and the mysterious man named Uma got to know each other more, and they couldn’t be without each other. So they got married. They started a family and had a beautiful son. They also got Glee’s house back and got custody of her step-siblings, who are still small. The step-parents now know what it is like to really work and no doubt regret not having been good to her.

Undoubtedly, a fact that leaves us with a lesson: If you do something good today, destiny will know how to reward it. But if you do something bad, no doubt you will also have to pay for it.

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