Groom Bursts Into Tears After He Sees What Bride Gestures To Him Before Walking Down The Aisle –
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Groom Bursts Into Tears After He Sees What Bride Gestures To Him Before Walking Down The Aisle

“Planning a wedding can be stressful, but as soon as you see your partner for the first time on the big day, it all seems worth it, or at least it should be for the couple Liz and Scott. Their first moment became a very public one after the video of Liz gesturing something to her future husband went viral.

Thousands of people chimed in and gave their differing opinions about Liz. Many pointed out how the gesture had made Scott tear up. Keep watching to learn more and see where you stand on the matter.

Like many couples nowadays, the two met on Tinder, and while both of them had been dating for a while, this match just felt different. Both Liz and Scott shared many hobbies and interests and soon planned their first date. As Liz stated in a YouTube video from 2018, ‘Our first date was super casual.


We went to a burrito bar, but it was really noisy. There was a trivia night.’ The 40-year-old also later added how she made sure to take things slowly at the start. Liz said, ‘I did some research on him before our date, like every woman, and discovered he was playing for the Australian deaf Wallabies. This is a rugby team for the deaf and hard of hearing.’ While Scott hadn’t told her about this aspect of his life while on Tinder, Liz was glad that she had found out about it beforehand.

Of course, many people would have completely shunned the idea of dating a person with a disability, even if they would never admit it. It turns out he was able to read her lips and was easy to communicate with in a way that Liz had never experienced before.

While she knew that Scott’s disability had no weight on their future even before their first date, meeting him only cemented it further. The couple slowly started to get to know each other better, and the more they met, the surer both of them became that this was it for them. Liz introduced Scott to her two kids, Dominic, 16 years old, and Naomi, her 19-year-old, and when Scott managed to get along with both of them as well, she knew that this relationship was something special.


The couple had dated for only 18 months before they became engaged. Before Liz and Scott could even celebrate their engagement, though, the couple became immediately encompassed with wedding planning issues.

Liz had made a secret plan behind Scott’s back, and when she wasn’t thinking about flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and guest lists, she was working on this secret project. She even hired a teacher who taught her how to perfect her special plan, but for all of it to go right, it was imperative that Scott never finds out about it. The only person who knew was her kids and, of course, the teacher.


With 45 close friends and relatives, Liz walked down the aisle with her son, and of course, the minute Scott saw her, he was mesmerized. To him, Liz was the most beautiful woman in the world, and he was the luckiest man alive to soon be able to call her his wife.

But before she got to the altar, Liz seemed to whisper something to her son, and as she did, her son quickly stopped walking, and with him, so did his mom. Liz had something she wanted to say to Scott before the two of them got married. She needed him to know this before she said ‘I do.’

Although Scott is deaf, I have never felt so hurt in my life for all the joy he has brought into my life in recent years. I wanted to surprise him with my entrance,’ said Liz. She made eye contact with her husband-to-be and enacted step one of her plan.


Liz walked alone but not toward Scott; she stopped just in front of him. And while Liz knew that stalling her wedding, especially walking down the aisle, might raise some eyebrows, she was certain that she had to say this to Scott before the two got married, and doing it in front of friends and family felt like the right thing to do.

For months, Elizabeth had learned how to sign the words of Christina Perry’s song ‘A Thousand Years,’ a love song that was very close to the couple. And, of course, since her groom was deaf, he had never heard the music but always appreciated the lyrics. So, for their wedding, Liz wanted to serenade Scott with their favorite song by performing it for him, and she had been perfecting it for months behind his back. It was a tough ask, but one which the bride certainly needed to be done.


What Scott wasn’t expecting was that Liz had learned to sign the entire song for him. While the bride-to-be knew some basics, she wasn’t fluent, and Scott knew how much effort it would have taken for her to do this all for him.

That is when he completely lost it. The groom began to cry buckets as he recognized the lyrics to their song and Liz signing them in ASL at their wedding only made the moment even sweeter. The groom wasn’t the only one in tears; there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Everyone could feel the love and devotion the couple had for each other, and the fact that Liz had used her big bridal entrance as a way to include her husband was heartwarming in every way.

Soon, the guests joined in singing the popular song to Scott, and Liz continued her performance with a huge beaming smile on her face. After the song was finished, the wedding progressed as usual, but the emotions were running high throughout the whole ceremony. Scott couldn’t keep his hands off his bride and kept laughing and crying. He wasn’t alone, and Liz was feeling all the emotions as well. The minute the two of them were pronounced, the couple kissed and were in a bubble of pure bliss and happiness. One both of them hadn’t felt this strongly before.


The wedding was a great success, and of course, Liz’s surprise was anybody could talk about. But things got out of control when one of the guests posted a video of the whole scene on Twitter. The video went viral with thousands of people commending the couple, and while most of them were sweet, some thought that Liz was trying to steal all the spotlight. Of course, that wasn’t the case at all.

Because of the popularity of the video, Liz was asked to do interviews and explained how she felt during the whole process. ‘Every time I practiced the song at home, it went wrong. I was very lucky on the day itself because I didn’t make a mistake,’ she continued. ‘It goes without saying that everything came from my heart and not from my head,’ and we completely agree.

Even in the pictures, you can see that all Liz wanted was to make Scott feel included and loved. In her interview with the Daily Mail, Liz acknowledged that her relationship is stronger than ever and that the two of them are loving married life.


Scott had settled well into being a stepfather for her kids, and all four of them are a strong unit. She ended the interview by remarking how Scott’s disability actually allowed the couple to perfect their way of communication. ‘Our communication is actually better than ever because we only have to look at each other in the eye when we communicate to know what to say.’”

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