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Family Disowns Young Boy For Marrying 70-Year Old But His Revenge Is Sweet

Jason’s family had never approved of his relationship with a 70-year-old Margaret, and when the pair decided to seal their love and marriage, Jason’s parents even went so far as to disown him when he turned 18. But Jason had something that his family had no idea about. He had a very good reason for marrying Margaret, and he was going to make his family deeply regret not supporting his decisions.

Jason tried to reach out to his family, but they just would not answer any calls. Margaret was devastated that this was the reason Jason had trouble with his family. She couldn’t fathom why they would react in such an extreme way. When Margaret told her children, they were very shocked. Jason was half the age of her youngest daughter. They told Margaret that Jason was probably only doing it for her money, but Margaret told them that simply couldn’t be true.

Jason and Margaret decided to send out the wedding invites regardless of whether or not their families supported them. They hoped that his family would change their minds and still come. However, their hopes were dashed when the invites to Jason’s family were returned unopened. This was a massive statement from his family that they were never going to support his decision. Jason received an additional letter expressing his family’s anger and lack of support. According to his parents, he was simply too young and rebelling.

This made Jason even more furious, but he decided to wait until they realized the true motive. He planned to reveal it to both families on the wedding day. However, this had to be kept as a closely guarded secret by him and Margaret. Nobody else could know beforehand. They both had their reasons for not sharing anything.

Suddenly, Jason heard knocking at the door. He didn’t expect anyone, so he had no clue who it was. When he opened the door, he was staring right at his father. Jason didn’t know what to say. Then he saw that his father had someone with him—a therapist. His father had brought the therapist to help Jason get rid of his rebellious views.

Jason didn’t know how to respond. He was extremely furious that his father would do something like this. His father told him that if he didn’t accept his help, he would never be welcome home again. It was a clear threat. Jason, consumed by anger, sent them both away without thinking twice. He didn’t care what his family thought about him and Margaret. They had a real challenge ahead of them.

Margaret had overheard everything that Jason’s father had said. She quickly hid upstairs because she didn’t know what he was capable of. Ever since she first saw him, she had been afraid of him. Jason calmed her down and told her that they would make his family pay for what they were doing. He had never felt more betrayed in his life than he did now. He had this feeling that his father didn’t know what true love meant. He was just very jealous.

Jason’s first step in getting revenge was getting a lawyer. He knew something that his father didn’t. His father had threatened to take him out of his will, but where Jason lived, it wasn’t allowed. Jason wasn’t after his father’s money, but he just didn’t care anymore.

Suddenly, Jason’s sister called. He hadn’t spoken to her in two years, ever since he got into a relationship with Margaret. She told him that she would attend the wedding and that she was proud of him. When Jason told her his secret plan, she said she would help him get their parents to the wedding. Margaret’s family also decided that they would come, whether or not they approved of the whole situation. This was a turning point for Jason and Margaret.

Jason still had hope, and he continued calling his sister. His mother got convinced by his sister to go to the wedding, but his father still didn’t want to know about anything. Then Jason decided to go to his parents’ house. He jumped in his car and drove there, feeling a little nervous about how his father would react, but he had to get through to him. Jason brought a letter with him in a sealed envelope. This letter contained the true reason why he was going to marry Margaret. It was his last chance to reach his father.

Jason knocked on the door, feeling very nervous. He didn’t know who was inside the house. He heard some noises, and after waiting for a little while, someone finally opened the door. It was his father. Jason thought that his sister had already prepared his parents for his visit. His father didn’t say anything, but he let Jason in.

His mother ran to Jason and hugged him. She hadn’t seen Jason since he left the house, and she was seemingly glad that he was there. His father, however, silenced them and told Jason that he was delusional. He said that Jason could really get through his father’s pride. He kept trying, but to no avail. Jason didn’t know what to do. He really wanted his parents at the wedding, but his father kept ignoring him. There was only one option left.

Jason left his sealed envelope, telling his parents that they should read it. This would make them regret being so harsh on him. His father shouted that he wasn’t going to read it, but Jason had a feeling that he would.

Jason and Margaret still had a lot of wedding preparations to do. This helped Jason get his mind off the struggles with his family. He hoped that he would hear something from them, but days went by, and the wedding kept drawing closer.

A day before the wedding, there was still no word from Jason’s family. Jason felt like they might not come, but he needed them there. He even tried calling them, but he got no response. Jason grew more anxious and felt hopeless. He talked to Margaret about it, and she felt that there was only one solution.

Margaret wanted to take their invitation back and remove them from the guest list. Jason didn’t want to hear anything about this. He told Margaret that he wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they had too much pride to admit their mistakes. Jason knew deep down that they would come to the wedding, but it would be very close.

Now, tomorrow was already the wedding day, and Jason hadn’t heard anything. That night, Jason hardly slept. Why would they play so much with his emotions? On the day of the wedding, Jason woke up with a horrible feeling. He had hardly slept, and when he did sleep, he had a strange nightmare that his parents would only show up to ruin the whole wedding.

But something else happened that day. While preparing himself for the wedding, he still didn’t have anyone from his family around. Then, he heard a knock on his door. He had a glimmer of hope that his parents had finally come to see him. When he opened the door, he saw someone else. It was his sister. Jason felt a little relief that at least somebody came. His sister instantly flew into his arms. Jason had missed her a lot, and it meant the world to him that she had come.

Jason immediately asked her about their family, but then Lily told Jason that she herself ran away from home to come to the wedding. She had no idea what their parents would do. They were arguing all the time about Jason.

She honestly thought that their parents wouldn’t come. She felt like their father would block all attempts, but their mother wanted to come. However, their father threatened to leave her if she did it. It was a horrible situation. Then they heard some more noises down the hall. Jason recognized the voices and felt even more relieved.

When he walked towards the voices, he was staring right at his grandparents. They had decided to come as well. But then, it was time for the wedding to start. There was no more time to wait. They had to start the wedding without his parents.

It was a difficult choice, but there was no other option. They couldn’t keep waiting for people who might never show up. Jason felt betrayed by his family. While he was trying his hardest to make something out of his life, his parents just didn’t appreciate his choices.

As Jason walked to the altar, he wasn’t really present in the moment. He kept thinking about his parents and why they hadn’t read the letter. If they had read it, they would surely have come. All of this would then make sense to them. But then, he heard some commotion. Everyone heard loud noises in the hallway, and nobody exactly knew what was going on. Jason had a feeling, but he didn’t want to get his hopes up.

Then, the doors opened at the back of the church, and Jason was relieved. His parents walked right into the church. They were seemingly in a hurry. They had probably not planned on being so late. Jason was relieved. They had opened the letter. He just needed some confirmation that they weren’t there to ruin the wedding. He kept trying to make eye contact with his father, to get a feeling for why he was there.

And finally, they locked eyes. His father kept staring at him, and seconds felt like minutes. Then, finally, Jason got what he wanted. His father nodded to him. It was the best feeling in the world. Jason knew that his father had read the letter and approved of his plan. He even gave Jason a little smile. Jason had never felt this good in his life.

Now, Jason was going to reveal to all the guests present what had made him marry Margaret. He knew that no one would expect the true reason behind this plan that he had come up with Margaret. But they had managed to pull it off. The priest who married them was shocked to see the age difference, but he did not judge. He decided to give them his blessings.

Jason kissed Margaret. It was a burden lifted off their shoulders. They had done it. They were now officially married. Jason was going to announce during the party later that day what they had planned. Margaret was relieved that all was well. Ever since she was a widow, she had felt very insecure. This gave her what she wanted.

The party started, and Jason and Margaret had the time of their lives. Then, Jason decided it was a good time to tell everyone present what was going on. Of course, his parents and sisters already knew, but the rest had no clue. Jason grabbed the microphone and started to speak. He was relieved that he didn’t have to keep his secret anymore. He told the crowd that he didn’t marry Margaret out of love. Everyone was instantly shocked.

Jason explained that it wasn’t about money either. It was much more noble. Jason had married Margaret so she could stay in the country. She had come to the country 50 years ago for love, but all this time, she had been illegally living here. Marrying Jason would help her get a permit to stay. Everyone sighed in disbelief. They couldn’t tell anyone, or the state might block the wedding and deport Margaret. Luckily, they had pulled it off, and they didn’t have to worry about anything anymore. It was the best feeling in the world.

Everyone clapped and felt amazed at what Jason had done. He had done something remarkable for love and for his new family. The wedding celebration continued with joy and happiness. Jason and Margaret were finally able to enjoy their special day, surrounded by friends and loved ones.

From that day forward, Jason and Margaret faced their challenges together, supporting each other every step of the way. Their love had triumphed over adversity, and they had shown everyone that sometimes the greatest acts of love come from unexpected places.

And so, their journey as a married couple began, filled with hope, strength, and the unbreakable bond they had forged. They knew that no matter what obstacles came their way, they would face them together, hand in hand, ready to overcome anything that stood in their path.

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