20yrs Old Man Who Married 40yrs Woman Defends Their Relationship, Opens up on Why he Did it

Photos of a couple in love recently went viral on social media shortly after they got hitched in Australia.

Netizens criticised the man, who is in his 20s, for marrying a woman in her 40s yet there were younger women who are single The man named Do*ng Do*ng Tut Banang defended himself, saying that it is only him who knows that his bride Nyanchew Major has something special.

Nyanchew Major and Do*ng Do*ng Tut Banang walked down the aisle recently in a beautiful wedding held in Melbourne, Australia.

When the lovely couple shared photos, social media users were quick to point out the glaring age difference between the bride and his groom.

The debate was centered around what led the youngster to get hitched to a woman who is way older than him.

Instead of ignoring the naysayers and letting the discussion slide, Nyanchew found it prudent to explain why he chose the woman he is married to.

As you can see in the pictures, this good woman has got something unique in her that nobody knows,” he wrote. Nyanchew added that Banang has been misjudged by many but it is only when he got into her shoes that he understood what she is capable of doing.

He reiterated that his wife should not mind those who are against her but keep doing what her mind tells her to do.

Australia has many childcare centers, Banang His sentiments were echoed by his smiling bride who told critics that they should not worry because there are many childcare facilities in Australia. “I will put him in one of the childcare centres until he becomes a man. I will wait for him patiently, that shouldn’t be a problem. I love him and he loves me,” she wrote on

The actual ages are not revealed, but Nyanchew is believed to be in his late twenties while Banang is in her forties. Evidently, the couple discovered the secret that marriage is all about understanding, love, trust and confidence

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