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11-Yr-Old Boy From Low-Income Family Returns Missing Wallet, Receives Surprise of a Lifetime

Vince Hietpas has gone viral on the internet, and for good reason. The honest 11-year-old boy found a wallet and went out of his way to return it to its owner. At this point you might be thinking, “That’s nice, but why did he go viral? A lot of kids are honest like that.” But there’s more to this story about honest Vince.

How the 11-Year-Old Boy Found a Wallet

Vince Hietpas of Wisconsin was out for a walk with his dad in Voyager Park on Memorial Day, when Vince spotted a wallet. Automatically doing what Vince said was “the right thing” to do, the father-son duo used the driver’s license to track down the wallet’s owner.

Chase Dahlke, the wallet’s owner had been fishing earlier at Voyager Park, but when he had returned home, he realized his wallet was missing. He looked around for it, but wasn’t sure where it was. Thankfully, an honest boy found it.

Using the address on the license in the wallet, Vince and his dad travelled to the home to return the wallet.

Meanwhile, the Dahlke family was at a neighbor’s home for a barbeque, and they received a notification from Ring, a doorbell service. The family checked the app and saw a boy standing at their door.

We talked through the Ring doorbell,” said Mrs. Dahlke.

Watch that interaction here:

Mr. Dahlke sounded surprised and excited to hear the 11-year-old boy found a wallet and returned. He told Vince that the wallet was his son, Chase’s, and that he’d be right over to get it. At the time, Mr. Dahlke gave Vince all the cash in his wallet, but he only had $2. Vince hadn’t expected to receive anything, and he was happy to get the $2. He and his dad returned home, not thinking much about the event.

The 11-Year-Old Boy Found a Wallet and Was Rewarded for His Honesty

The family wanted to do more to thank the boy. Since the Dahlke’s didn’t know the boy or his dad or how to get in touch with them, Michelle Dahlke, Chase’s stepmom, used photos from the doorbell camera to post a message to Facebook, hoping someone could identify the boy.

“Who knows this kid? We want to reward him! So thankful for him and his dad,” Michelle posted on Facebook. “There is so much hate in this world and so much negativity. It’s time to focus on the positive. This kid and his dad found Chase’s wallet by Voyageur park. Instead of stealing everything Chase owns, they saw his address on Chase’s driver’s license and dropped the wallet off all intact! There is so much good and positivity in this world, it’s time we focus on the good. Thank you, kind sir, for raising a great kid.”

Her plan worked, and she was able to contact Vince’s dad, Lorenzo.

Michelle learned that Vince and Lorenzo’s family had been under financial strain after his dad has gotten sick with COVID. Lorenzo was working multiple jobs to try to provide for his family, but the pair didn’t think twice about returning the wallet. Further moved that the honest boy returned the wallet despite the money problems they were having, she posted again to Facebook.

“***ONE MORE UPDATE…we contacted this family. The dad had COVID and was out of work. This family still gave the wallet back even though they have nothing!” Michelle posted. “This family could use some love and support from us. Thankful we found them and wish we could provide more to this wonderful family. The family wanted you all to know they are so grateful for all the kind words and love! The boy enjoys reading all the comments and says thank you!”

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