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Man Introduces Fiancée to Family Few Minutes Later He Got The Shock Of His Life

A sister was happy to hear that her older brother was engaged. She and her family were also surprised because they weren’t aware the man was dating. They didn’t understand why the man didn’t introduce his girlfriend to them before they got engaged.

The older brother told his sister that he would introduce his fiancée at an upcoming family event. Everyone was excited to hear this, and they couldn’t wait to meet the man’s bride-to-be.

The fiancée, Annika, and the older brother, Carter, (not their real names for privacy reasons), came to the family party as promised. The moment Annika walked into the room, Carter’s sister was shocked when she recognized her.

Annika and Carter’s sister had gone to the same high school but had a falling out. The two used to be close, but something happened that forced Carter’s sister to want nothing to do with Annika.

Why Was Carter’s Sister Shocked to See Annika?
When Carter walked into the room with Annika, his sister felt like she was hallucinating. “I felt sick seeing her again,” she noted. The sister couldn’t believe her brother’s fiancée was Annika, who bullied her in high school.

People sided with the sister and said Annika was a horrible person because she attempted to gaslight the sister by claiming she didn’t remember what happened in high school.
The sister narrated that she and Annika used to be close in junior year, but then she discovered Annika was spreading false rumors about her. The two stopped being friends, but that didn’t stop Annika from making up lies about the sister, making her life hell in high school until they graduated.

The two parted ways after graduation and went to different universities. The sister was in her mid-twenties when she met Annika again as her brother’s fiancée. After Annika and Carter arrived at the party, the older brother left his fiancée with some relatives and came to talk to his sister.

Carter told his sister that he met Annika at a party and fell in love with her at first sight. He said he didn’t recognize Annika as the girl from high school, but when he learned her full name, Carter realized she was the same girl who had spread lies about his sister.

Carter added that he confronted Annika, and she claimed not to remember his sister or anything about bullying her and spreading lies about her in high school. The older brother let the issue go because he really liked Annika.

The sister was shocked when Carter asked her to be nice to Annika since she didn’t remember anything she had done to her in high school. Carter said Annika was a good person. The surprised sister told Carter to give her a few moments to process everything before she could promise anything.

Eventually, the sister made a decision to ignore Annika throughout the party. She wasn’t rude to her, but she didn’t acknowledge or talk to her older brother’s fiancée.

However, one of her aunts asked her how she felt about Carter getting married. She tried to ignore the question, but the aunt kept pestering her, and she just lost it, snapped, and said, “I actually don’t feel great about it considering his future wife bullied me and never apologized.”

The sister recalled how the family members reacted when she said this. “Everyone turned to look at Annika. She just started crying and ran out of the room,” she narrated. Carter went after his fiancée, and they left the party early.

The sister confessed that the rest of the night at the party was chaotic as everyone was asking her about what happened between her and Annika in the past, and she told her family members everything.

Later, Carter and their parents showed whose side they were on, pressuring the sister to apologize to Annika even as Annika insisted she didn’t remember anything.

Carter later reached out to his sister after the party was over. He called his sister a horrible person and asked why she embarrassed Annika in front of the whole family. Carter added that his sister was being petty over some high school drama and that she should apologize to Annika.

The sister refused to apologize and told Carter that he was an awful person because he blindsided her with Annika. She added that because Annika never bothered to reach out to her while the two were dating, she wasn’t going to let their past go just because she was engaged to her brother.

Carter insisted to his sister that Annika didn’t remember all that happened in high school between them, but the sister wouldn’t believe it, and they both argued until the sister hung up on Carter.

The sister also revealed that her parents were mostly on her side, but they also wanted her to apologize to Carter and Annika. The parents felt terrible because they witnessed firsthand how badly Annika traumatized their daughter in high school. Carter didn’t witness all of it because, by that point, he was in college.

Carter’s parents want her to apologize for the sake of peace. They were also excited that Carter was getting married, which made them willing to look past what happened between the sister and Annika ten years ago in high school.

The sister wondered if she was the one in the wrong because her parents and Carter wanted her to apologize. She asked for people’s opinions online. She felt that opening up to her aunt about what Annika did wasn’t a mistake but the truth.

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