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A Poorly Dressed Bride Was Kicked Out of The Wedding. But when Everyone Found Out Who Her Father was They Were Left In Shock

Sophie was sitting under a spread-out tree and was desperately crying. Her wedding dress was hopelessly ruined, bright green grass spots had already covered the entire skirt of a not-so-expensive and not-so-beautiful bridal gown. Yet, she was about to become a beloved wife just an hour ago, and now her life was drastically getting worse.

“This cannot be happening, this just cannot be happening!” the poor girl kept saying. Everything happened so unexpectedly. She and Michael were sitting at the beautiful table and enjoying a festive moment. Their wedding was in full swing, Tipsy guests, a funny red-headed wedding host, the toasts honoring them, the gifts, and the kind wishes. Even Michael’s mom, Michelle, had accepted her and wasn’t looking at Sophie like an evil wolf.

It was a bit sad that her parents could not make it to the celebration, but that’s how life is. They couldn’t delay the marriage registration any longer; it was already the third month. A couple more months, as her dad said, and she won’t be a bride; she will be a mockery with a huge belly.

The recently married couple were widely smiling at the camera of the all-around photographer when Michael’s phone rang in his pocket. The groom reached for it, but the bride unhappily stopped his hand. “It was a pity to ruin such a good shot,” when the happy photographer finally left, Michael took out his phone and started staring at the screen like a child, Sophie thought. Even at a moment like this, he cannot leave his favorite toy.

She was looking at the beautiful face profile of her loved one who was reading her next wish, and then she suddenly froze. Michael’s face turned angry; he weirdly narrowed his eyes and started staring at her. “What is this? Explain to me, what is this?” he asked, pointing at his screen while sputtering.

Sophie looked at it and lost her ability to speak. There was a girl standing in a specific pose without any clothes next to the pole on that screen. And then Sophie realized the face of the woman. Sophie had never done anything like that, but Michael was pointing at more and more explicit photos of her face. “How dare you lie to me!” the angry husband shouted loudly, slapping her cheek.

She grabbed her cheek in shock; the girl couldn’t say a word, and then she could hear the groom’s mother, Michelle, through the silence. “I have warned you that this girl is not worth it. Look at the cheap dress that her parents bought her, it’s second hand! What are you staring at?” she asked a frozen Sophie. “Get out of here!” the manicured finger of the unhappy mother-in-law was pointing at the tall glass door of the banquet hall.

Unable to believe that it was happening, the girl was switching her confused look between the groom and the mother-in-law. “Get out of here, poor thing!” she shouted even louder, and she moved towards her with a challenge. Sophie was scared as a bunny and went to the exit. She was running down the street, not feeling her feet.

She couldn’t understand how she got to that lively city square. She was now going to call Michael. There was a terrible misunderstanding; she would explain, and he would ask for her forgiveness. She would, of course, be mad for some time because the celebration was ruined, but how could she not forgive her loved one? Sophie sat down on the bench and took her phone out. She clicked on a familiar name with her finger and anxiously listened to the dial sound.

She realized that she acted in a rush after she heard the first phrase. She had a flow of cheating accusations going at her, that she was unfaithful and shameless. Michael started blaming her for every deadly sin; she got her baby from someone else, and it had nothing to do with him. Sophie didn’t have a chance to put in any words to defend herself. She could clearly hear that Michelle was mad in the background.

“Let her go back where she came from! These poor girls lost their conscience, they get out of each hole and stick to you like leeches!” Of course, Sophie knew that Michelle was not delighted by their relationship. Michael was a successful lawyer, and she was a student at a good university but not the best. But it was now a confession to her that the woman hated her that much.

She ended the call and threw her phone far into the bush. The closest people betrayed her, she thought. She couldn’t expect any support from anywhere. Her parents were stuck in another country; she was all by herself in that city. She put her cold hand on her heart; she had no choice and no way out.

The girl got up and was wobbling side to side; she sat down on the lawn. She sat under the spread-out tree and started bitterly crying. She had been crying for a good half an hour when she heard from above her head, “Sophie, is that you?” There was a strange guy above her. The girl put her head up and tried to wipe her cried-out eyes. “Kay Smith?” she asked. She recognized him and tried to smile, but the attempt was unsuccessful. The girl slouched and started crying.

Kay Smith recognized her and sat down on the lawn next to her. He carefully gave her a paper tissue, and Sophie started to tell him about every misfortune that had happened to her. After she cleaned her nose, he silently listened without asking any questions, allowing the sad girl to let it all out. Then he sadly smiled and said, “Well, at least you have your parents. Mine died in a car accident last year.”

Sophie paused and said, “I’m so sorry, I did not know.” Kay shook his head and got up, stretching his arm out to her. “Let’s go. It’s not right for a pregnant girl to live in the dorms. You’ll wait for your parents to be with us. My grandma will not be against it.”

Soon they were sitting in the small kitchen of a typical two-bedroom apartment, enjoying a raspberry pie. Sophie had a good appetite after being upset, and she was eating without asking any questions. Kay’s grandmother, Samira, was happily looking at the girl. “The way a person eats tells you a lot about them. This girl is likely to be an open and kind person without being overconfident and conflicted. I wish Kay had had a fiancée like her,” she thought.

Samira suggested to Kay, “If you invite Sophie to live with us, then you could let her use your room, and you yourself could stay in the kitchen. Go get a bed.” She shook Kay’s shoulder and went to bed. Sophie and Kay sat together on a large windowsill, looking at the yard lit up with street lights. Sophie wasn’t crying anymore; she was just sighing bitterly. She still couldn’t believe that she was in such a situation, and all her dreams were ruined.

“Oh my God, what am I going to tell my parents?” she said sadly. “My dad is going to be hurt by an argument like that.”

Kay looked up at her with thoughtful eyes and said, “Well, we can get married if you want. Your people won’t know anything. You give birth to a baby, and then we get divorced. I can even pay you child support.”

Sophie felt conflicted by the suggestion. “Kay, what is this sacrifice for? I’m a big girl; I’ll figure it out,” she said, but then she thought, “But, to be exact, everything happened against my will.” Sophie didn’t even notice how she fell in love with Kay – his quiet voice, his sincere smile, and his eyes looking at her with admiration. Not a single man in the world has ever looked at her like Kay has. None of them wanted to always stay by her side and protect her, even in the most hopeless situation.

So they got married without any show-offs, and in two months, the girl’s parents arrived. During that time, the frustrated ex-fiancé continued to live with his mom, who got her out of her own wedding, and they continued with their regular lives. The mother was looking for a rich wife for her son to improve their family’s financial state.

Right away, she asked Michael, “What is this, Michael? Michelle dropped the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine on the table in front of her son. “You were telling me yourself that she goes all around, and that is not my baby! And those pictures from the wedding…”

The woman bit her lip and continued to express her displeasure about Sophie. Michael wasn’t interested in arguing with his mother; he just wanted to get Sophie back. He needed a whole week to find Sophie’s address. It had been a month since she was living in the house gifted by her father before her wedding, in a gorgeous mansion in the suburbs.

When he arrived at her home, he found Sophie outside, holding hands with a short, handsome man. They were barefoot and seemed joyful. Michael hesitated as he approached them and then said to Sophie with fake excitement, “I’m here for you!”

Sophie raised her eyebrows, and her husband, Kay, shook his head, saying, “You must have made a mistake. This is my wife and my future baby. I’m asking you to leave, or else I will slap you.”

Michael was taken aback; he wasn’t planning on fighting. He quickly got into his car and drove away. As he left, Sophie hugged Kay’s neck and whispered, “I love you.” Kay smiled, and they knew they had each other’s support and love.

From that moment on, Sophie decided to leave the past and the people who betrayed her behind. She couldn’t expect any support from them, but she had found true love and support in Kay. They continued to build their life together, facing challenges and happiness side by side. Sophie knew that she was valuable and cherished, and she would no longer let anyone belittle her worth. With Kay by her side, she felt stronger than ever before.

And so, their love story continued, a tale of finding true love when least expected and overcoming life’s trials with the support of someone who truly cares. They would always cherish and protect each other, knowing that the most valuable people are the ones who stand by your side, through thick and thin, in the good times and the bad.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, Sophie and Kay’s love for each other grew stronger. They faced life’s challenges together, supporting each other through thick and thin. Sophie found solace in Kay’s presence, knowing that he truly loved and valued her for who she was. No longer did she feel the need to seek approval from others or be burdened by their judgments. She had found her happiness and her home with Kay.

They welcomed their baby into the world with joy and love. Parenthood brought a new level of happiness to their lives, and they embraced the responsibilities of raising their child together. Kay was a loving and devoted father, and Sophie was a caring and nurturing mother. They were a team, united in their love and dedication to their family.

Over time, Sophie’s parents came to visit, and to their surprise, they found their daughter living a fulfilling life with a loving husband and a beautiful child. They were relieved to see Sophie happy and supported her decision to be with Kay. Her parents realized that true happiness lies in finding a partner who genuinely cares for you and stands by your side through all of life’s ups and downs.

As the years passed, Sophie and Kay’s love only grew stronger. They faced new challenges together, but their bond remained unshakable. Kay’s grandmother, Samira, became like a second mother to Sophie, and they formed a close and loving relationship. Samira admired Sophie’s strength and resilience, and she was proud to have her as a part of their family.

Sophie also reconnected with some old friends who had stood by her during her difficult times. She realized the importance of surrounding herself with people who genuinely cared for her and supported her happiness. Together with Kay, she created a circle of love and trust that enriched their lives.

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