“She Sat in Front of Her Locker, Buried Her Face and Cried”: Mom Captures ‘Raw Moment’ Her Daughter Grieves the Loss of Her Senior Year

“I wasn’t sure If I was going to post this or keep it private, but it’s too beautiful not to share.

This is our lovely daughter.

It’s her senior year.

Today she had to go to her school to clean out her locker.

My good friend Anne Leslie met us there to capture a picture of her walking the halls for the last time. (And of course proper social distancing measures were followed.)

I brought her grad dress just in case and being that nobody else was there, Kierstin decided to put it on. She sat in front of her locker, buried her face and cried.

It was a pretty raw emotional moment, but she’s very brave and I’m happy that she will have this picture to show her children one day.

To me this isn’t just a picture. It’s art. It’s history.

My heart is absolutely broken for her and all the other graduates missing their senior year.

This is NOT how this was supposed to end for them.

She was also to be the valedictorian. 💔

…but better days are on the horizon. Stay strong.

There is this girl, she stole my heart, she calls me Mom. She was my best friend when she was only three years old. We have a unique story. A unique bond. And no matter what happens in life I will always have her back and she will always have mine. Ours isn’t a love that you commonly find.

This day was hard, you’ve had others, you’ll have more. But please remember that every hard moment makes you learn so much more. And all of these experiences will shape you into a beautiful thing. I’m so proud of the woman I know you’ll become.

Just remember dear Kierstin, I know that you’re sad, this is not the senior year I know you had planned. Please know better days will certainly come, I promise your journey has truly only just begun.


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