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Say no to continuous increase in Fuel Price, let the Poor Breath” – Angry Nigerians Come out in Mass in Edo state to protest Against the Hardship all over the Country

Angry Nigerians took to the streets in Edo State to protest against the continuous increase in fuel prices. The demonstrators, comprising people from all walks of life, expressed their deep concern about the hardships faced by the citizens across the country.

The fuel price hikes have hit the poorest segments of society the hardest, making it difficult for them to make ends meet. Chanting slogans and carrying placards that read, “Say no to continuous increase in Fuel Price, let the Poor Breathe,” the protesters demanded immediate action from the government to alleviate the burden on the people.


The situation has reached a boiling point, with Edo people officially kickstarting the protests that could soon spread nationwide.

In their quest for justice, the protestors have vowed to escalate their demonstrations across Nigeria in the coming days if their demands for relief are not met.

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