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SAD! How Being A Nigerian Cost Me A Foreign Job- Man Narrates

SAD! How Being A Nigerian Cost Me A Foreign Job- Man Narrates

Last year I lost my Job as an AfterSales Analyst at a multinational company called AlFuttaim in the Peak of the Covid scare in Dubai, UAE.
This is when it all began, Paying my rent became a problem, feeding became a problem. At that time the frustration in the country was everywhere due to the lock down and lot of Nigerians joined some illegal activisties in the UAE.

Unlike other nations Known to me, the desperation of Nigerians is quite on the high side so most delved into Yahoo-Yahoo. So it was so rampant and obvious in Dubai then and even now.

The difficulty was much and the lockdown was highly enforced, not giving room for any means of making ends meet.


At that time I had to return to Nigeria, I stayed with my sister’s husband because he was alone during the lockdown hoping to return back to the UAE when the opportunity rises again.

I had to start up a POS business with a 50k support from a family member, but due to the location of the business which is a developing environment, customers traffic was very low, sometimes I made 400 naira daily as profit though the ironic factor was that the closest ATM for cash refill was 600naira daily.

So the business couldn’t thrive. I had to start an analytic firm just to be employed but honestly so many factors I can’t explain here hinders infant industries in Nigeria.

Now in Dubai, Nigerians already have bad names in the communities and employers weren’t willing to considering Nigerians. Though I kept applying to different organizations in Nigeria and in Dubai like wise.


I really never understood the Nigerian market also, when I got some interviews but was turned down as a result of under employment. Three organizations made this clear to me during the interview. So at that time I had to wonder if being qualified for a job is now a curse.

I have had Nigerian HRs contacting me via my LinkedIn portfolio but never landed me any Job.

Now the highlight of the frustration is that, I just got a Job at Dubai with AWRostamani another multinational as a Senior Data Analyst in the internal Audit department, and I am to be paid 9000aed which is like 1.4million naira. Two days ago made it three weeks the HR confirmed the Job as mine instructing that I go to their company’s platform to update my details where she will process my e-employment letter & Visa which I did immediately.

But I never heard from them, I sent mails informing them that I had already created my profile but yet to see an employment letter, yet no response. So on Tuesday (a day before yesterday)


I had to call them and this is when the HR told me they are having difficulties processing my employment visa since I am a Nigerian and there is an on going ban on visa processes on

Nigerians (aside Tourist Visas). I called some of my friends Nigerians and non-Nigerians living in Dubai to ask if they know any possible way I could go through to get this sorted out, they said it’s impossible because they are very much aware about the Nigeria situation in Dubai.

I dint know when tears began running down my eyes and my mum crying with me because she knows how bad I need a change.

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