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Paralyzed Man Adopts Strange Girl Nobody Wanted. Years Later, Something Unbelievable Happened

Sean was a black disabled man who adopted a young white girl. She was ostracized by her community because of a gift she possessed that few people understood. Years later, something unbelievable and incredible happened that not only changed Sean’s life but affected the whole community.

Sean was in his late 20s when an automobile accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Before the accident, he was training to be a firefighter. He always wanted to serve his community, but his dreams and ambitions were cut short when, on that fateful day, a drunk truck driver smashed into his vehicle. Sean was lucky to be alive, and for a while, the doctors had little hope that he would survive. But after a few weeks in the hospital, he pulled through.

This young man was grateful that he got a second chance and wanted to make the best of the life ahead. Keeping his spirits and his mind positive would forever be an uphill battle. The state awarded him a disability grant by which he could live, but he wanted to achieve more in life. Bound to his wheelchair, he had a tremendous struggle to find a new purpose in life.

Sean dated for a while, but there was no girl who saw him for the man he was on the inside. More often than not, he felt as if the girls did not love him but rather pitied him for the condition he was in. His heart yearned for true companionship, knowing that someone needed him for the person he was.

After joining a local club that accommodated disabled sports, he made a few good friends and began to volunteer at the local orphanage. It was there that he first saw Rachel. Rachel always sat alone, and the times he saw her around other children, they were always taunting and tormenting her. He could not understand why they treated her that way until a caretaker at the orphanage told him that Rachel was truly a strange girl.

According to her, she had strange powers and saw people nobody else saw. Sean could not get the image of Rachel out of his mind. He was strangely drawn to this girl, and in her, he saw the same loneliness that had become such a profound part of his own life. Here he was, bound to a wheelchair and feeling like he did not belong anywhere. He had so much to give, yet nobody really wanted to get to know him as a person. Wherever he went, all that people saw was his black skin and his uncooperative legs.

Rachel was clearly very intelligent, but he could also sense that she carried some strange power, which he also did not understand. She avoided people, probably because she was hurt too often by others. She did not trust anybody, not even the adults that were supposed to take care of her.

It took quite a while for Sean to establish any type of relationship with Rachel. He would see her in a secluded spot and then roll up in his wheelchair and park near where she was playing. Then he would pretend that he did not see her and started talking to the birds in the trees. This sparked the little girl’s interest, but it was only after a month of constantly approaching her that she walked up to his chair and started playing next to him. This was the start of a tremendous friendship.

Sean wanted to understand what so-called power Rachel possessed. For this to happen, he had to gain the girl’s trust. After a few months of friendship, Rachel told him that she had lost her parents in a motor vehicle accident when she was about four years old. Was this the reason why Sean had immediately felt a connection with this girl? He too had been in an accident and had lost a part of himself. But what she was about to share next would turn his world upside down.

Before that day, Rachel had not told anyone any details of the people she saw. Knowing that no one would understand or believe her when she said that she could see angels. The day her parents died in the car accident was the first time she saw an angel. She was asleep in the back seat of the car when the accident happened.

Rachel woke up from the screams of her mother, followed by a loud bang before the car started rolling and finally landed on its roof. She started crying, but there was no response from her mother or father. The next moment, a man opened the car door, undid her seat belt, and removed her from the vehicle. He held her close to his chest, comforting her by stroking her head. She felt strangely peaceful in his arms and stopped crying.

It took a while for emergency services to arrive at the scene of the accident. When the rescue workers saw her sitting there, he ran to her and asked her how she got out of the vehicle. When she pointed at the man who had just put her down, the rescue worker told her that there was no one there. He picked her up and carried her to the ambulance, thinking she was suffering from a concussion. When she looked back, the man was walking off and waving goodbye.

From that day on, she often saw similar angels. They were always there to protect her, but when she wanted to show them to other people, nobody else could see them. She soon found out that the caretakers thought that she made up these stories to get attention. That was one of the reasons why she withdrew to play on her own. Often, when she sat alone, one of her angel friends would come sit next to her.

Sean was amazed at what Rachel had told him, but he also had a hard time believing her. However, research showed them that other people had similar experiences to Rachel, and they would refer to the meetings as visitations by angels.

In the months that followed, Sean realized that he had found a companion in a girl that could have been his daughter. Before meeting Rachel, he had never thought about having children of his own. But now, this thought was plaguing his mind day and night. Rachel needed someone to rescue her from this orphanage. She clearly did not fit in, and he knew that she would face a life of rejection and ridicule.

Although he did not fully understand what she experienced, he was willing to learn and support this girl financially and emotionally. After some hesitation, Sean embarked on a journey to adopt Rachel.

Of course, because he was a single man and of a different race than her, there were many questions with regard to the purity of his intentions. Sean had to go through a rigorous process of scrutiny to determine if he was fit to adopt this girl. Nothing of this process was straightforward, but finally, he was awarded full legal custody of Rachel.

The first year of Sean and Rachel becoming a family was filled with many ups and downs. Both of them had to adapt to this relationship, and Rachel had to learn to trust Sean fully. Also, they had to deal with the stares and comments of many people who clearly believed these two people did not belong together.

As time passed, the prejudice of many subsided as they saw both Sean and Rachel coming to peace and bringing out the best in each other. And years later, something truly unbelievable happened.

Although doctors had told Sean that he would never walk again, he sometimes dreamed of regaining the ability to move on his own. Medically, that was practically impossible, but he had kept that hope alive. After being Rachel’s father for about four years, he thought that she had stopped seeing the angels because she never talked about them anymore. Until one evening when Rachel called him to the living room.

The moment he entered the room, he felt a different atmosphere. It looked like Rachel was speaking to someone. Then she turned to her father and told him that an angel was sitting on the couch and that he had come with a special message for Sean.

The angel had told Rachel to put her hands on his legs, and when she did that, he felt an electric shock go through his body. In an instant, feeling started coming back to his legs, which had been paralyzed for more than 10 years. Rachel took him by the hand and lifted him from the wheelchair. He was standing on his own, his legs were healed.

Although Sean did not understand how this worked, he now knew there was a reason why he had to adopt Rachel. She had a gift, but she needed the protection of someone who would not exploit her for money or fame.

This gift would do much good in their community, and he would be a living testimony that some things on this Earth could not be explained by logic. His daughter was rejected and ridiculed because she was different, but she was, after all, just a miraculous instrument of healing.

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