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A man in court told his son’s killer something that made even the judge cry…

Muslims are often considered cruel people, capable of taking revenge for an offense up to the seventh generation according to ancient customs. In fact, Islam does not approve of such actions, and sincerely believing people know about it.

They are strong in spirit and noble. This is evidenced by the case in Lexington, which shocked even the Fayette County judge, Kimberly Bunnell. She burst into tears right during the meeting.

Salahuddin Jitmuda worked for 22 years in this city as a pizza delivery man at Pizza Hut. His father, Abdul-Munim Sombat Jitmud, always said that in any job you need to do your job conscientiously and treat people with respect. Sombat himself led several Islamic schools throughout the United States and demanded the same from his teachers — to teach children goodness and justice.

It so happened that the good-natured Salahuddin was found dead in the gateway of the Walnut Hills residential complex. The investigation lasted 2.5 years. At first, two men were arrested, but the county grand jury rejected the charges against them. After further work, Trey Alexander Relford, a 24-year-old drug addict with experience, was taken into custody.

He partially admitted his guilt (claiming that they wanted to rob, but not kill), so as not to receive the death penalty after being convicted by the court. And so the court session began. Salahuddin’s father was in the hall. A 66-year-old man only a few months ago went on a well-deserved rest. The accused’s mother was also present. Prosecutors demanded 25 years in prison for the killer, another 10 for complicity in the robbery and a year for tampering with evidence.

Relford’s mother appeared before the court, who admitted drug use by her son, and asked forgiveness from the father of the murdered man. She also thanked the man for agreeing to a plea bargain that saved her son’s life. When the judge gave the floor to the father of the murdered man, complete silence reigned in the hall. And the further he spoke, the more those present were «afraid to breathe».

The father of the murdered man said that he was angry at Shaitan, who forced Redfold to commit such a terrible crime. Then the father of the murdered man right in the courtroom did something that no one could have expected. He stated that he forgives Trey on his own behalf and on behalf of Salahuddin’s deceased mother. After that, he came down from the podium and hugged the killer. He explained his words by saying that the greatest gift of Islam is forgiveness.

But the Almighty can forgive a person only if the offended person forgave the offender first. Therefore, he has no right to deprive any person of the forgiveness of the Almighty. The surrounding people were shocked. When the last word was given to the convict, he began to cry. The killer said he couldn’t even imagine the pain he caused the victim’s parents. But, unfortunately, nothing can be fixed anymore!

No one in the courtroom could hold back tears, not even the judge. Unable to continue the meeting, she announced a break. After him, the verdict was read out. The total term of imprisonment was 31 years, which for the young guy gave hope for a decent existence in the second half of life. If the circumstances had been different, he could have received the death penalty.

When the accused was taken out of the courtroom, the father of the murdered man briefly approached him, «he advised to use 31 years of prison to prepare for a new life and start doing good deeds already in custody. Then he will be released as a different person.

What happened demonstrates the power of mercy and forgiveness shown by a man of advanced age, who has clearly seen a lot in his life. It completely refutes the fact that kindness and fortitude can depend on nationality or religion. This is a lesson of dignity and greatness for each of us.

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