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A Dying Little Girl Was Asked To Say Her Last Words. What She Said Next Left Her Parents Horrified

A beautiful eight-year-old girl named Madeline was lying on her deathbed in the hospital when she said her last words. Her final words left her parents horrified.

Madeline was the rare type of human that touched everyone she met in her life. Her parents were struggling in their marriage before she came along, but once she was born, all their problems seemed to disappear. Her bright smile and radiant personality brought so much joy into their lives that they didn’t even care to fight anymore. She made them see all the beauty this life has to offer.

Madeline’s parents were very happy to watch their baby girl grow into a healthy child without any illnesses. Thanks to her energetic and social spirit, Madeline took a liking to sports. Her parents let her try all types of sports, but can you guess which one was her favorite? It’s only the most common sport in South America. You guessed it—soccer.

When she was only five years old, Madeline joined the youth soccer team in her neighborhood. She was a gifted player and a great asset to the team. Madeline worked hard at practice but always kept a smile on her face. She was a role model for her teammates and helped lift their spirits with her grace. That season, Madeline’s soccer team won the championship for the first time in years.

When the next soccer season came around, the coach was surprised that Madeline didn’t show up to tryouts. It wasn’t like her to miss such an important day, especially knowing how much this sport meant to her. Where else could she have been? Did something happen? The coach got his phone out and called Madeline’s father.

The phone rang and rang while the coach stood in the middle of the soccer field. He started to get a sinking feeling in his stomach. Finally, Madeline’s father answered the phone. He sounded distraught and could barely put a few words together. The coach asked them, ‘What’s wrong?’ And Madeline’s father responded, ‘Coach, it’s Madeline. Something terrible has happened. I…we don’t know what to do.

At that moment, Madeline’s parents were sitting at her bedside as she slept soundly, more pale and thin than usual. Madeline did not look well. She had been checked into the local hospital a few days earlier when she started to show strange symptoms.

She was suffering from pain in her chest area and developed bruises easily. Madeline suddenly lost energy and experienced chronic fatigue. She was barely able to wake up each morning, let alone go to soccer practice. Madeline’s father and mother didn’t know what was wrong, and fearing what they didn’t know, they decided to bring her to the hospital.

At the hospital, all the nurses and doctors took great care of Madeline. The doctor told Madeline’s parents that he would run some tests to see what was wrong. ‘You won’t believe what they found.

After receiving the results, the doctor approached Madeline’s parents. He looked at her parents solemnly and said, ‘I’m sorry, but I have some bad news. It looks like Madeline has stage 3 lymphoma cancer, and unfortunately, it has already spread through other parts of her body.’

Madeline’s mother burst into tears and fell onto the floor with tears running down her face. She asked the doctor, ‘How long, doctor?’ To which the doctor responded, ‘It’s hard to say, maybe six weeks, maybe six months. Sometimes patients beat cancer and end up living for many more years. It’s hard to say; however, cancer, especially at stage 3 or 4, is a terminal illness, so it’s never a question of if but rather a question of when.

Madeline’s parents took this news very hard, and rightfully so. Could you imagine hearing that your only child was diagnosed with cancer? It was difficult for them to understand how a healthy and active young girl could silently develop such a deadly illness. Madeline’s mother cried day in and day out, falling deep into a dark and lonely depression. In her state, Madeline’s mother shut off from her husband, who had turned to alcohol as his escape.

Madeline’s doctors suggested that she undergo cancer treatment to see if they could stop the spread of the cancer cells and prolong her life, holding on to the little hope that remained. Madeline and her parents agreed to try these treatments. Every week, Madeline would be carted in her hospital bed by the nurses to another ward of the hospital, where she would undergo treatment. This room had many other patients of all ages, all suffering from some form of cancer.

While Madeline was getting treatment, she noticed a little boy sitting across from her. He had already lost all of his hair from the cancer treatment, and he looked worse off than her. He was so tired that his eyes could barely stay open, but when Madeline looked at him, he cracked a smile. The boy said, ‘You must be new here. My name is Tommy.’ Madeline smiled and introduced herself. ‘What are you here for?’ she asked.

It turned out that Tommy had aplastic anemia, a rare illness where your body stops producing blood cells. He told Madeline that he had done many rounds of treatment, but nothing seemed to be working. ‘My last hope is a donor, but I doubt that will happen. I have a rare blood type,’ Tommy said.

Madeline felt sorry for the boy, especially since his condition was curable if he had the right donor. Madeleine continued treatment for a few weeks, but nothing seemed to be working. Cancer continued to spread through her body, and she only felt worse and worse. The only positive of this time was the new friend she made in the treatment center, Tommy.

As they underwent treatment side by side, Tommy and Madeleine would tell each other jokes and talk about their dreams together. Tommy had big plans for his future, even though he didn’t know if he was ever going to be able to achieve them.

He wanted to become a doctor to help treat kids like them who were suffering from cancer and help research new treatment methods. Madeleine admired Tommy for having hope and dreams even in this sad place. Even though on the inside, Madeleine was suffering, she looked happy on the outside whenever she was around Tommy. Tommy was her saving grace and made the horrible treatment days feel less painful.

But unfortunately, Madeleine’s condition was not improving. Despite her blooming friendship with Tommy, one day Madeleine asked her doctor about Tommy. She wanted to know what his blood type was and if he had found a donor yet.

The doctor replied, ‘Well, it doesn’t look so good for Tommy. You see, he has an A B negative blood type, which is the rarest blood type in the world. Only one percent of the population has this blood type, so his chances of getting a donor are very small. So far, he hasn’t found one.

Madeleine asked what her blood type was and found out that she had the same as Tommy, A B negative. What she decided to do next will leave you shocked.

That night, as her parents sat at her bedside in the hospital, Madeline revealed a decision that left her parents horrified. She told her parents that she wanted to stop all treatments and pass away. This way, she could be a donor for Tommy, and he could continue living. Her parents couldn’t believe it.

How could she do this? Madeline explained, ‘There’s no sense in me living this way. This is not living. Plus, it is only a matter of time for me. At least if I do this, I can die in peace and help other children who are suffering. Children like Tommy who actually have a chance at surviving.

Madeline’s parents were distraught over their daughter’s decision but also respected her wishes. They talked with the doctors and made arrangements for the donation. She would be donating all of her bone marrow to Tommy, as his had stopped producing red blood cells. Madeline didn’t want to tell Tommy of her plans because she knew he would try to talk her out of it, so she wrote him a letter.

In her letter, Madeline told Tommy that she believed in him and knew he would go on to do all the great things he dreamed of. Although she couldn’t be there with him on Earth, she reassured him that she would be watching from above in heaven.

Madeline made the difficult decision to discontinue treatment and pass away peacefully, giving Tommy a chance at life. When Tommy found out that the donor was his friend Madeline, he was shocked and deeply saddened, but he was also content to know that she was not suffering any longer. Tommy ended up making a great recovery thanks to the donation, and he was discharged from the hospital just a month later.

Tommy thanked Madeline’s parents and all the doctors for making the donation possible. Every day, Tommy would look up at the sky and thank his angel, Madeline, for the greatest gift of all—another chance at life.

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