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Boy Notices Mom Sneaking Out at Night, What He Found Her Doing Left Him Surprised

A boy lives with a disabled dad and a hero of a mom, or at least that’s how he saw her until one night he followed her sneaking out and casually entering another man’s house. Daniel enjoyed his parents’ undivided attention as their only child until his father met a terrible accident.

Mr. Miller worked as a full-time construction worker before he lost both legs in an accident at his workplace, which restricted him to a wheelchair. Daniel’s life turned upside down after his father couldn’t work anymore, going from being the breadwinner of the house to suddenly spending his entire day in a wheelchair.

Mr. Miller went through a whirlwind of emotions – frustrated because of his condition and yearning to return to his pre-incident life. “What did I do to deserve this life? I can’t even go from one room to another without asking for help,” Mr. Miller thought, watching his wife work double shifts to make ends meet, which made him feel helpless. She worked two shifts to pay his medical bills. Mrs. Miller worked as a seamstress at a small-time garment factory. As a result, the 12-year-old Daniel tended to his father’s needs after returning from school.

“Get away from me!” Mr. Miller would yell out of frustration whenever Daniel tried to feed him. The boy would feel sad watching his father yell at him for no reason. He was too young to understand how the accident had affected his father’s emotions.

Instead of doing his homework after returning home, Daniel would spend hours painting in his room. Painting on a clean wide canvas for hours made the young boy feel at peace. Painting helped him escape into a world where he didn’t have to watch his father feel helpless. As a result, Daniel’s grades at school dropped significantly, shocking his teachers since he was one of the best students in the class.

A few days later, Daniel was in his classroom taking an English literature test when he recalled what happened at home last night. “Have you checked the time? It’s past midnight!” Mr. Miller yelled at his wife, who just returned from work. “What have you been doing all night?” “I was at the factory, honey,” Mrs. Miller replied calmly.

“You know I’ve been working double shifts to save enough money for your medical bills.” “Oh, please,” Mr. Miller grumbled, “You stay out of the house because you lost interest in me. You stopped loving me because you know I’m stuck in this wheelchair for life. Are you seeing another man now?” “Come on, honey,” Mrs. Miller sat beside her husband’s wheelchair and held his hand. “I can never think about someone else when I have you.”

Daniel was in his bedroom when he heard his parents argue. He covered his ears with his finger, trying his best not to pay attention to his father’s mean remarks. However, he still heard their conversation and felt heartbroken to learn that his father doubted his mother’s loyalty. While reading the test paper, Daniel could only focus on his parents’ quarrel from last night.

He couldn’t comprehend a word on the question paper, so he began drawing on his answer sheet instead of writing answers. “What’s this, Daniel?” The English teacher gave him an angry stare when he saw his drawing. “Why didn’t you answer any of the questions?” “Sorry,” Daniel apologized half-heartedly. “I don’t know what happened.”

“Go to the principal’s office right now!” the teacher yelled, pointing towards the door. Feeling helpless, Daniel followed his teacher’s instructions and walked towards the principal’s office. However, he was shocked to see his mother sitting inside. “Daniel!” The principal, Mr. Anderson, smiled. “Please come sit next to your mother.” Daniel obeyed and sat on a chair across from Mr. Anderson, fearing his mother might scold him after learning what he’d done in class that day. “Mrs. Miller, it’s unfortunate to see how Daniel’s grades have deteriorated over the past few months,” Mr. Anderson shook his head. “He handed me his answer sheet instead of writing a composition; he drew this picture. It’s a beautiful picture, I must say. He’s a talented artist. What’s this?”

Mrs. Miller was shocked to see the answer booklet. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Miller. I’ll give him another chance,” the principal smiled. “Daniel, I want you to answer the test paper at home. I’ll check your composition myself next week, okay?” Daniel heaved a sigh of relief. “I won’t disappoint you this time.” “That’s great,” the principal cheered. “Now go back to your class quickly.”

A few days later, Daniel decided to complete the task Mr. Anderson gave him. He took the question paper out of his bag, sat at his desk, and opened it to write. But he couldn’t think of anything. “What am I gonna do?” He covered his face with his hands, his elbows resting on his desk. “Why can’t I concentrate on anything as I used to? What’s happening?” Then Daniel stood up, turned out of his table lamp, and got into bed.

He decided to sleep and plan to work on the task with a fresh mind the following morning. However, the boy kept tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep because his mind kept focusing on the problems between his parents. His heart was restless, thinking about their relationship. “What if Mom leaves Dad? How am I gonna live without her?” he wondered.

While thinking about his parents, Daniel suddenly heard footsteps outside his room. He immediately sat in his bed upon hearing the floorboards creek because he wasn’t expecting his parents to be up in the middle of the night. Feeling curious, Daniel jumped out of bed and twisted the doorknob to open his bedroom door. He peeked through the narrow opening but couldn’t see anyone outside.

Suddenly, he heard someone slam the main gate. “Who?” Daniel wondered and immediately left his room. He rushed towards the main door and noticed his mother’s shoes were missing; she’d left. “Where did she go at this hour?” he thought while opening the door, concerned about his parents’ relationship.

Daniel tiptoed outside and followed his mother. He watched her walk toward the adjacent street and stop outside a house he’d seen before—the principal’s house. Daniel gasped, “Why is she going there?” He watched his mother look left and right after she rang the doorbell. It seemed like she wanted to ensure no one was watching. Then Daniel saw Mr. Anderson open the door and smile at Mrs.

Miller. His unusual smile suggested he had been waiting for her. Daniel silently watched his mother walk inside the house and slam the door behind her. “It took her hours before she exited the principal’s house—exhausted and disheveled. What did she do inside?” Daniel wondered.

Daniel rushed back to his house before his mother and waited for her in the living room. He confronted her once she entered the house. “Mom, where were you?” Daniel questioned his mother, keeping his voice down so his father wouldn’t hear him.

“I went outside for something important,” Mrs. Miller replied as she took off her shoes. “I want to know what’s going on, Mom,” Daniel snapped at her. “What the hell did you do at the principal’s house?” “I can’t tell you yet, son,” his mother smiled before entering his bedroom. “Goodnight.”

“I’m sure Mom’s cheating on Dad,” Daniel thought. “I never thought she could do this to him.” Daniel watched his mother visit Mr. Anderson’s house the following night, but he didn’t have the guts to confront her again.

Instead, he slept and decided to mind his own business. The following morning, Daniel submitted his composition task to the principal. He knew he wouldn’t score any marks because he handed Mr. Anderson a blank copy. However, he was shocked to see his grade the next day. “How’d I score an A when I didn’t write anything?” Daniel asked himself in the locker room.

After thinking for a while, it hit him that his assignment score might be related to his mother’s night visits. “It’s ridiculous! I won’t accept this grade,” he said before marching towards the principal’s office. “Mr. Anderson, I want to talk to you about something important.” “Sure, Daniel, take a seat,” the principal gestured for him to sit. “I know Mom visited your house twice during the last two nights. What’s going on? Why does she sneakily sneak out of the house in the middle of the night? Are you,” Daniel demanded answers.

“And it’s not what you think, Daniel, please calm down,” Mr. Anderson said. “Your mother came to my house because she needed help buying prosthetic legs for your father. She told me her factory wasn’t generating enough profit because she had to fire most employees after Mr. Miller’s leg surgery. She didn’t have enough money to pay their salaries.

” “But why does she visit your house, Mr. Anderson?” Daniel asked. “My wife’s a fashion designer. She has worked as a seamstress for years. She wanted to help Mrs. Miller fulfill her latest order of a hundred suits,” Mr. Anderson revealed. “Your mother didn’t want to tell you or your father this, so she thought the best time to meet my wife was after Mr. Miller had slept. She wanted to save money for your father’s prosthesis.”

“Really, Daniel?” Daniel was shocked to learn about his mother’s true intentions. At that point, he regretted suspecting her of cheating. Since he felt overwhelmed, he forgot to ask the principal about his grade.

It wasn’t until he returned home that day that he learned why he scored an A. “I wrote the composition for you while you were asleep, Daniel,” Mrs. Miller said. “I know you couldn’t focus on your studies because of me. I just wanted to make it up to you.” Daniel was surprised. “You could have told me about it, Mom. I doubted Mr. Anderson’s intentions, and I doubted yours. I’m sorry.”

After telling his mother what the principal told him, Daniel offered to help her. “I can draw dress designs for you, Mom. I want to help get prosthetics for Dad.” “But you don’t have to do that, honey,” Mrs. Miller ruffled his hair. “You should concentrate on your studies. I want you to be one of the high achievers again.” “Please let me help you, Mom,” Daniel requested.

“I’ll draw a few samples, and you can decide, okay?” Mrs. Miller didn’t want her son to focus on anything besides academics; however, after seeing his passion, she allowed him to do a few sketches.

A few days later, Mrs. Miller showed her son’s sketches to the principal’s wife. “Your son’s super talented,” Mrs. Anderson exclaimed. “Besides helping us with the designs, Daniel can also paint ornaments on the dresses.” “I want to talk to your son.

I’ll bring him with me tomorrow,” Mrs. Miller smiled. She felt proud after hearing the principal’s wife praise Daniel. So, after coming home from school and completing his homework on time, Daniel helped his mother design dresses for their latest collection. He also met Mrs. Anderson, who helped the mother-son duo set up their garment exhibition.

After selling their first collection, Mrs. Miller and Daniel raised enough money to pay for Mr. Miller’s prosthetics. Mrs. Miller scheduled surgery for her husband, and soon the doctors allowed him to walk with his prosthetic limbs.

t took him some time until he could walk without support. Until then, Daniel and his mother helped him practice walking through his new legs. It made Mr. Miller feel better about himself. When Mr. Miller could walk independently, he offered to help his wife.

“I can’t work as a builder anymore, but I can help you launch another collection,” he told his wife. A few months later, Mr. and Mrs. Miller established a bigger and better garment factory and launched consecutive dress collections. While their garment business flourished, Daniel worked hard at school and soon returned to being the best student in his class. He had never imagined his drawing skills would help his father walk again.

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