I Am Finding It Difficult To Love Any Lady No Matter How Hard I Try, Young Man Laments

For the past two years now I have been battling with a serious issue, a conflict inside of me, I have been with lots of ladies, (not slay queens) responsible working class ladies and also ladies who are students, all I have been with have shown serious interest with me and have loved me so much…. But..

I am not able to love them back, no matter how beautiful the girl is or well behaved or rich, I just can’t seem to love any lady for no reason, once I start dating them, I will be so in love at first and then suddenly I don’t feel anything towards the lady anymore.

I am now scared I will die lonely, this is a very serious issue with me, I see people in relationship and yet I cannot love, the reason I am even bringing this issue up is that, the current girl I am dating, loves me so much, for no reason I couldn’t make love to her, Its been only romance going to two months and she has been asking me what the problem is, I am scared to be intimate with her, I just don’t know how to tell her what’s wrong with me because I want to leave the relationship but I feel really bad, trying to revive and figure out what killed the love, I just can’t seem to understand.

I think I need help.

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