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On Her 86th Birthday, The Children Took Their Mother to the Nursing Home, but They Didn’t Expect Her What They Saw

There are only two things a person can do when forced to perform an action against their will: nothing or act.

An 86-year-old woman made the decision to teach her children and grandchildren a life lesson, even though she had not expected them to do such a terrible thing. Even the strongest of hearts will not be able to handle the sadness of knowing what happened at the end because this is a story that has never been told before.

Everything that happened in Argentina a while ago left Sofia Rodriguez living alone, but not always as an only child. She received her parents’ full attention when she was born in a small town in the south of the country.


Sofia loved being a mother and enjoyed being with her daughters; they were her greatest adoration, along with her husband. But time passed, and they grew up. She married at the age of 30, gave birth to her first child soon after, and was followed by another daughter.

For her children, the woman wanted only the best. She came from a respectable family; you see, her mother was dedicated to the family home, and her father owned several farm fields.


The man, who had only one daughter, had taught her to continue with his business because he wanted to leave everything to her, which is what finally happened after her parents passed away. She inherited all their possessions, including a considerable amount of money in savings, a large amount of land, and most of all, a house where she grew up.

Sofia’s children soon left the nest; each chose to live with her. However, she continued to support them. And when she turned 86, she continued to do so. Unfortunately, her children and grandchildren stopped coming to visit her.

The last time she saw them was when her husband died. He trusted them, you see, and gave them control of the company he owned with his wife. Unfortunately, they made mistakes that bankrupted the company, such as not paying their employees and not paying taxes. Due to the strong impression the man did not object to, which resulted in very large debts.


Sofia was threatened with the confiscation of all her assets and forced to make a payment. When he was older, he realized that the most important things in life were health and the company of loved ones, not material possessions. As a result, she was forced to sell several pieces of land, keeping only her house. The children stopped coming to visit her abruptly, and she had no idea why.

The day of her birthday had arrived. She could still move, walk, and even cook. She had faith that her children and grandchildren would visit her. In fact, in recent years, she had been constantly expecting them, but they never did. She couldn’t even remember the last time they’d spent a day like this together.


Even though it was her day, she was still thinking of her closest loved ones as she made delicious food and even her own cake. It was still early, so Sophia hurried to open the door, and when she did, her face lit up with happiness. The table was almost ready when suddenly she heard the doorbell ring. Could it be them? The old woman could not believe that her children and grandchildren had finally arrived. Fortunately, she was up early to prepare the meal, so all that was left to do was invite them to the table for a family celebration.

“Children, hurry up! You have come at the right time. You would have expected one of your children or grandchildren to bring something to share or offer to buy them, but there was no interest. They didn’t even seem happy for the old lady’s day until her daughter said, ‘Mom, there’s no time for that. Get dressed; we’re leaving the house.’”


The old lady looked thoughtful and understanding. The nearest store to them was a kilometer away. The question of whether her children would take her somewhere special would certainly be a wonderful touch. But suddenly her son said, “Mom, get ready. There is no time to waste,” to which the mother replied, “But the food and the cake, you already did that, mother. Granny, you have to get ready; we have to leave the house immediately,” her granddaughter said.

The old woman soon came to understand something. “Didn’t you come to my birthday?” the son asked in shock. “If today is your day, yes, I am 86 years old,” she replied. But none of them offered him any congratulations. Instead, they simply told him that he needed to get out of the house. The old lady was confused and couldn’t understand what was happening, but it was obvious that they weren’t coming to be with her.

When he saw the cake, one of the grandsons started cutting it to feed everyone else. They didn’t even wait to sing her happy birthday, nor did they wait to tell her, “Mom, the house is going to be sold. Pick up your things and let’s go,” which her daughter asked her brother as well.


A few years ago, the mother promised her two sons that they would only get the house after she passed away, but that last promise was only made in words; it was never included in the estate. And now he knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. However, he reasoned that he could move in with one of his children or share a house with them, even though the son suggested that maybe it was time to go and we should start cleaning up. It wasn’t that bad because the most important thing was to be with them. However, Sophia advised them to put things away when they were done using them, saying that this was not useful.

The old woman felt strange, as if her heart were being ripped out, and she wanted to say something but couldn’t. She watched in agony as her precious memories were being destroyed, and she practically watched as her life was being destroyed. She abruptly started telling them that everything was fine there and asked them not to sell anything. But her daughter cried, “Mom, you’ll be better. Besides, here, she is alone, and the house is big, and we need the money. We have to pay the rent and some debts. Do you want to meet us in the street?” It will be with them.


Because the woman listened and believed that it would be better. “So, Mom, it’s time for you to travel with us. You will only bring your clothes, what is necessary, and your artifacts. Everything else will be sold,” although she felt that going with them made her happy, she didn’t pretend that this was how she wanted to spend her birthday.

“You were surprised to find yourself in a nursing home with strangers—people who were left there to be forgotten or people who are just a burden to your family members, perhaps because of the great disappointment and embarrassment he felt.


He did not dare to say anything. When she arrived and discovered that it was not so, after thinking that she would be with her children all the time, she was soon taken to her room and found lying in an unknown place. They agreed that his pension would be transferred from The Establishment as living payment and quickly signed the papers.

“Now that we’ve said goodbye to you, Mom. Happy Birthday,” Sofia Rodriguez watched as her children and grandchildren moved away

. First, her husband, suffering for them, and now her. She wondered how it was possible that the place where she grew up was taken from her and that her parents had abandoned her, despite always being a caring mother and grandmother. She couldn’t understand why. While one of the employees was completing paperwork, he noticed that the woman was celebrating her birthday. Although it wasn’t where she had planned to celebrate, she quickly let the others know, and they arranged a small party for her.


Sophia couldn’t help but feel excited because she was now with strangers and being showered with attention. But what could she do? As she continued to look around, she noticed that there were many other people her age who seemed to have lived a life similar to hers—having been abandoned by relatives and sent there to take up space in the house that was once theirs.

But now, you see, there were only a few TVs for entertainment and an old-fashioned radio that was always on. So, life wasn’t particularly exciting. Of course, there were not good conditions. Rarely did anyone come to visit.

When the facility was being decorated for Mother’s Day a month later, Sophia was alone in her room. However, she did meet some older people, including Paula, who has Alzheimer’s disease and has no memory of her own, Moises and Christina, who promised her children would visit her soon but never did. Even though Sofia can remember who she is, it would be preferable if she didn’t, so she doesn’t realize that her family abandoned her there. The place is full of people who haven’t even lost their lives but are already forgotten.


Sophia still had hopes that her children would show up because she knew they were invited, but time passed, and he didn’t see them. The youngsters that Sophia saw coming in were volunteers who attended events to cheer people up. The old woman watched how they danced and how others acted in disguise.

“There is no reason to be happy anymore, boy. How to do it if our children do not even come for this day. I don’t know how the others got used to this.” And then suddenly, a volunteer invited her to dance, and then asked her, “Why are you so off, ma’am?” Everything, and they were happy, but she still hadn’t gotten used to it. Although she seemed to want to be okay, it was obvious from the sound of her words that she wasn’t.


The young man who left, but before they did, Emilio, the young man who had asked her to dance, stopped one of his staff members and said, “I’d never seen that lady before. When did she arrive?” “Lady Sofa was brought here a month ago, and she is the only one who seems to be depressed. Apparently, she still hasn’t accepted that her children brought her here, and what’s worse, it happened on her birthday.

As a result, we have planned a small party, but it is clear that he is not having fun.” Emilio visited her a week after receiving the bad news. “Oh, you wouldn’t have bothered. Well, she can share it with her friends. It’s okay, Sophia. I brought you something to eat. Here, I have some fruits and some sweets.” The boy then said, “You know, you remind me of my grandmother.” Adding, “My parents abandoned me, and she raised me. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago.” “No, son, it’s fine,” the woman replied tearfully. “It’s the first time someone has come to visit me.”

A day later, they reconnected, and Sophia shared more details about her life, including how her children had left them. He also explained that most young people only think of themselves and think that they will never grow old. Some people see us as a burden and find it easier to ignore us, which is especially true if there is no money available.


They think that because we are old, we are just waiting to cross over to the other side. The man realized what was happening. He wouldn’t want his children to take advantage of him in his later years by committing him to a nursing home and then casting him aside as a worthless object. He called one of his sons after finding his phone number. “Somehow, good morning. I am a volunteer at the nursing home where Mrs. Sofa resides. I was calling because I thought it would be nice if someone came to visit her. She needs you.”

“Excuse me, but we are paying for the nursing home. You have to take care of her.” And they hung up. No matter how hard he tried, no one ever came to see the woman who gave him life, and Emilio didn’t understand why. One day he went to see her again. He wanted to invite her for a walk in the park, and she accepted.

She had not gone for a walk for a long time, but suddenly she appeared in an elegant dress, a beautiful hat, and heels. The young man took her arm, and they went for a walk. She talked about how the woman asked Emilio, “Why do you approach me and not others?” Emilio just smiled. “They have accepted their reality and somehow strengthened the broken and abandoned heart. But not you, ma’am. Other than her, she reminds me a lot of my grandmother.”


Sofia and Emilio became very good friends, and every week he came to see her. The woman gave her a big hug and told her about her children. “I took care of them and gave them everything a mother can give. I also took care of my grandchildren, and with my husband, we paid for their University because we wanted everyone to benefit equally. We also supported each other by paying for his apartments.

But when he passed away, everything changed. We had a financial problem, and since they were adults, I thought they could support the family on their own.” Sofia dried her tears, and Emilia listened to her in silence. He had a lump in his throat. “What is your dream, boy?” asked the grandmother. The young man did not understand what the woman was referring to, but when he arrived at the Asylum, she searched his belongings and took out a bag. There was a note and a key. “Here is an address,” and she put it in his hand.


“While my dream is that my son can walk, he was born with a leg problem, and due to lack of money, we couldn’t continue with the treatment.” “I didn’t know about your son; why didn’t you ever tell me?” “There you will discover a small barn; nobody knows that it is the only thing that belonged to my parents and that I did not sell.

You will find a box inside; take it with you. I saved it for a special occasion.” He said that sternly. “You have nothing to do here; go to your family; they need you more than me. Worry about me; I’ll be fine. Besides, you’ve made me feel loved. It’s been a long time since he had company.” Then he sighed and sadly added, “Take care of your family.”

Emilio just nodded. The next day, after work, he went to the specified address, far from the city. In a small barn, there he found a mysterious box; surely that’s what the woman meant. It was full of dust; it was obvious that it was put away many years ago. The young man took it. It was very heavy, and he took it home.


He still hasn’t opened it. Once at home, the wife will definitely think it’s rubbish and start complaining. She won’t understand that for the old lady, this is the most precious thing. Emilio decided to avoid this, so he took it to the basement and started to open it. There he realized that something was wrong.

At first, he noticed that there were memories inside her, but what he saw next made him tremble. He couldn’t believe it. There were various jewels and gold bars. Crying, he approached his wife and hugged her. He didn’t know why he was acting like that, but when he found out what had happened, he was amazed.

And they both had a new hope that their son would walk. The young man immediately ran to the old woman. He had to see her, even though she told him not to visit her; he would go anyway. He thought about getting her out of the nursing home, buying her a house or an apartment, and living together. But when he arrived, they told him that they informed him that Sophia had passed away. The relatives were informed, but no one came forward.


Emilia went out, sat on a bench, and cried. “But why didn’t he sell them to give himself a better life?” But as Sophia said, “It was for some special occasion, and this occasion had arrived.” Days later, his little son underwent surgery, and there was a high chance that he would walk. Being a writer, he decided to share an article for the local newspaper where he told most of Sophia’s life and the story of how he met her.

It didn’t take long for her children to reach out their hands. Who now, without money and with more debts, couldn’t believe what they were reading. That their own mother gave the most valuable thing to a stranger.


But they didn’t know that that stranger made her happy in the last moment of his life. Unfortunately, this is a story that represents today’s society. Many prefer to put their elderly aside, ignore them, or admit them to a nursing home, rather than wait for the end—a sad reality. They don’t know that an older person also suffers. I hope this video has helped you. If so, do not hesitate to give us a thumbs up, comment, and share.”

The young man smiled but did not understand what he could do. Soon after, he said goodbye, giving his grandmother a hug. It was a pleasant and emotional day. Sophia asked him not to come back and to be with his family.

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