Crocodile grabbed a girl and dragged her into the water. No one could imagine what would happen next –
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Crocodile grabbed a girl and dragged her into the water. No one could imagine what would happen next

“They say it’s impossible to run out of good, that it keeps coming back. These words are confirmed by a story that happened in one of the villages of Sumatra. A ten-year-old girl and her father showed kindness for the little forest kitten. It was so emancipated that it couldn’t even take a step.

But they couldn’t have even imagined that this little creature would later become the hero who would prevent a terrible tragedy, something that could well become the worst thing to ever happen in their life.

It was a regular day for the villagers. The fishermen Zhao and his daughter Hau were returning home after fishing. The man often brought the girl along on his fishing trips as he considered her to be his lucky charm.

He always caught more fish when Hau was around. When they were already on their way to the village, the girl saw a kitten sitting in the bushes. It was so weak that it instantly caught the girl’s attention. Hau immediately asked her father to help the animal. The man fed the animal fish and a little later even brought the local veterinarian to check it out.

Due to severe weakness, the kitten didn’t resist the examination; all it could do was snore and hiss occasionally. The vet concluded that the animal was completely healthy, only severely emaciated. Left without a mother, the kitten simply couldn’t get food on its own. After consulting with the vet, Zhao and his daughter decided that they would bring food to the animal because taking it home would mean dooming the cat to a life in captivity.

Sure, no one could guarantee that the kitten would come to the same place every day to get fed, so the next few days were very important. Hau was worried that she wouldn’t see the kitten again, but she did, and thus began the friendship between a wild cat and a 10-year-old girl.

Zhao and his daughter gave a third of their catch to the animal almost every day. Meanwhile, the cat grew bigger and turned into a beautiful animal; it was a lovely Asian golden cat. In adulthood, the length of this animal reaches about one meter or one and a half meters when measured with the tail.

The Asian golden cat is a rather dangerous predator that feeds mainly on rodents and birds but is capable of hunting even a deer. These animals prefer solitude and pair up only during the mating season; they’re nocturnal, as they’re often hunted by people. The Asian golden cat is a very popular species for keeping in captivity, so poachers catch them and sell them for huge amounts of money as rare and exotic pets.

There are very few of these animals left in the forests. Hau spent two months going into the forest to meet and feed the wild cat, which she named Golden Whiskers, until one day the animal disappeared. The kitten grew up, got stronger, and went on to live a free life. Over time, the girl got used to not seeing her cat friend anymore.

One day, Howe and her mother, who was known around the village as the healer, went to the river to collect plants to make ointment. While the woman was looking for the right ingredients, the girl played by the river, throwing small rocks into the water. She didn’t notice a crocodile in the water, which appeared as if out of nowhere.

The predator grabbed Howe by the leg, and her mother ran to the river, having no idea what to do or how to save her daughter. Then suddenly, a huge golden cat appeared. It was no longer the same helpless, emaciated kitten who could hardly stand up on its legs. The animal fearlessly attacked the crocodile; the predator’s mouth unclenched, and the girl managed to run away. The cat also retreated but only after it saw that Howe was no longer in danger. The girl was saved, and the fisherman’s family learned that Golden Whiskers was alive and well.

Every day, Hal looks into the depths of the forest in hopes of seeing her savior again. The wild animal risked its own life to repay the girl for the good she had done. The cat that most people in China only see as a meat delicacy came to the child’s rescue.

They say it’s impossible to run out of good, that it keeps coming back, and even a wild animal can remember the good done to it for the rest of its life. Friends, if you liked this amazing story, give a thumbs up, share your thoughts on it in the comments, and share this video with your friends.

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