Cheeky Boss Tries to Seduce His Secretary but She’s Not as Easy as He Thought- Story of the Day –
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Cheeky Boss Tries to Seduce His Secretary but She’s Not as Easy as He Thought- Story of the Day

A pretty secretary is harassed by her boss, who threatens to fire her if she doesn’t comply with his disgusting demands.

Jessica Flanagan was 23 years old and life was perfect. She had a degree in business management and had landed her dream job working with Brody & SIlver, a prestigious company specializing in consultancy.

Her handsome fiancé, David, was a doctor and as soon as he finished his demanding residency year, they were getting married. Yes, life was practically perfect, until the unthinkable happened.

Jessica was appointed as personal assistant to the company’s director, Peter Brody, a handsome, charming man in his 50s, who quickly made it clear that he liked her work, and her looks even more.

At first, Jessica believed she could handle Mr. Brody by keeping herself aloof — agreeable, but strictly professional — but she hadn’t counted on the man’s audacity.

After ignoring Brody’s flirtatious remarks and lascivious glances for two months, things came to a head when Jessica found a pretty box gift wrapped in rose-printed paper on her desk.

Inside was a set of black lace underwear that left little to the imagination from a very expensive lingerie store. The note inside read: “I hope I picked the right size.”

Jessica was too stunned to think, she just reacted. She picked up the box and marched into Mr. Brody’s office and confronted him. “Mr. Brody, don’t you think this is highly inappropriate?”

Peter Brody leaned back in his chair and smiled. “Why Jessica? You’ve been working hard, and I wanted to show my appreciation… Red roses are your favorites? And it would only be inappropriate if I asked you to wear it for me…

His lips curved lasciviously and licked them. “Is it too provocative for your taste? Or maybe it’s not provocative enough…”

“Sir,” cried Jessica, “I’m engaged…”

“And I’m married. So what?” Peter Brody asked. “Are you a child to be offended because a man admires you?”

No, sir, but I think this gesture is over the line.”

Brody pressed his fingertips together and looked at her thoughtfully. “Yes, maybe…I’m sorry if I offended you, Jessica, so let me make it up to you. Have dinner with me and Ms. Silver at the Chainz Hotel tonight.”

Jessica frowned, confused by the mention of Mr. Brody’s business partner. “Is it a business meeting sir?”

“In a manner of speaking. Ms. Siver and I have been looking for a new head of the Acquisitions Department and I think you’d be a perfect fit.”

Brody could have had a series of girlfriends, Jessica realized, but his pleasure was in hunting down and dominating women.

“I don’t have the experience to take on a project like that, Mr. Brody!”

“You’re too modest, Jessica. But we will discuss that tonight. Let’s make it an early dinner, sevenish? I have to be at home by 21:00 for my girl’s bedtime. So you see, no underhand motives.”

Jessica hesitated, then reluctantly agreed to the dinner arrangements. She returned to her own office and thought about the distinctly uncomfortable conversation she’d had with Brody.

She was still thinking about it when the phone rang. “Brody & Silver, Mr. Brody’s office!” she answered it automatically.

Good afternoon, could I speak to Mr. Brody please?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Brody is in a meeting, may I take a message?”

“Yes, please! Could you tell Mr. Brody that the Chainz Hotel confirmed the Honeymoon Suite and the 200 red roses?”

“Honeymoon Suite? Red roses?” gasped Jessica.

“Yes! Isn’t he so romantic? Mrs. Brody is a lucky lady!”

When Jessica hung up the phone her hands were trembling. She now knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ms. Silver wouldn’t be attending any dinner meeting. It was all a setup.

At seven-thirty her cell phone rang. “Jessica…Where are you? Ms. Silver and I are waiting!”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Brody, but I’m in a traffic jam…I won’t be long!”

The second phone call was less agreeable, and again Jessica assured Brody that she was on her way, when she was in fact sitting in her own apartment. Jessica gathered up her courage and picked up her phone.

Mr. Brody, I know Ms. Silver isn’t there, I know what this is all about, and I’m sorry sir, but I won’t be coming.” Jessica wasn’t surprised when Brody hung up on her without a word.

The next morning Jessica walked into Brody’s office with her resignation letter in her hand. “Mr. Brody, I am handing in my resignation.”

Brody got up and walked towards her. “Resignation? You’re leaving me, Jessica? No! No!…” He smiled charmingly, “Come on, you don’t want to do that! Why a word from me and you’ll never work again in this town.”

Jessica squared her shoulders and stared him down. “That’s fine sir, I wasn’t expecting a letter of recommendation from you.”

But…What about David? David Foster? Your fiancé, right? Did you know that I’m very good friends with Dr. Tremaine who heads the residency program at his hospital? Very good friends…” Brody smiled. It wasn’t a nice smile.

You wouldn’t!” Jessica whispered.

“You don’t want to jeopardize David’s future, do you, Jessica? So…I tell you what: I get what I want, and YOU get what you want.”

Jessica nodded dumbly, and Brody added: “At the Chainz Hotel tonight, at seven. Wear what I gave you, and don’t be late.”

Horrified, Jessica sat at her desk, then she started surfing the net. After a while, she called Mr. Brody. “Sir, is it alright if I take the afternoon off? I wanted to go to the hairdresser…”

Brody happily agreed, and after lunch, Jessica drove to an exclusive part of town and parked in front of a sprawling house. She knocked on the door and a tall pretty blond woman answered.

“Mrs. Brody?” Jessica asked.

Yes… And who are you?”

“I work with Mr. Brody, and I wanted to have a word with you…”

“Is he alright?” Mrs. Brody looked anxious, and Jessica quickly reassured her.

“He’s fine, but…I’m his personal assistant, and Mr. Brody’s behavior has been inappropriate, Mrs. Brody. He wants to blackmail me into having a relationship with him by threatening my fiancé’s career…”

Nonsense!” Mrs. Brody exploded, “If you only knew Peter you’d know how ridiculous such an accusation is! We are happily married, we have two lovely teenage girls…”

“Mrs. Brody, you have to believe me…”

“Well, I don’t! And why are you even here? If it was true you’d go to the police, wouldn’t you? Get out!”

As Mrs. Brody was closing the door, Jessica cried out: “You want to be sure? Come to the Chainz Hotel tonight at seven. He’s booked the Honeymoon Suite!”

Jessica put on a black dress over the sexy lingerie and high heels. She dabbed on a little lipstick and remembering the excuse she’d made about the hairdresser, tied her long hair up in an elegant knot.

She felt sickened, but there was no escaping it. She would have to go to the hotel, face down Brody. Jessica wondered how many other women he’d done this to, forcing them against their will.

Probably dozens. He was a powerful man, wealthy and attractive. If he wanted them, Brody could have had a series of girlfriends, Jessica realized, but his pleasure was in hunting down and dominating women. He was a predator.

Jessica was trembling when she knocked on the door of the Honeymoon Suite. Brody was smiling as he invited her in. “Jessica!” he cried, “So punctual! And you look beautiful…”

Mr. Brody…”

Please Jessica, call me Peter, after all, we are about to get to know each other very well…”

Please, Mr. Brody, I beg you, don’t make me do this! Please.”

Brody frowned. “You’re spoiling the moment, Jessica! Come now. Think about David and his future! This is just a little fun among friends, and you might find you quite enjoy it.”

He moved swiftly towards Jessica and tugged at her dress. “Tell me, did you wear the lingerie I got you?”

Jessica could feel his hot breath on her face when there was a loud knock on the door. “Room service, Sir! Complimentary champagne!”

With a curse, Brody opened the door. A loud voice said: “Peter Brody? You are under arrest for sexual assault and attempted rape. You have the right to remain silent…”

Dazed, Jessica sat down on the bed. Men in uniform were handcuffing Brody, and leading him away. Another man was removing what seemed to be a hidden camera from above the bar.

A gentle hand took Jessica’s. “Are you alright?” Jessica looked up to find herself face to face with Mrs. Brody. “I’m sorry I didn’t want to believe you. He…There were other girls, I know that now. I called his last assistant and she confirmed everything.”

You…You called the police?”

“Yes. I had to put a stop to this. How could I not have known? My husband, the father of my children, a rapist, a predator.”

Jessica hugged Mrs. Brody. “It’s not your fault, and now you’ve stopped him…”

Brody, faced with the videotape of his encounter with Jessica, and the testimony of a dozen other girls who came forward, pleaded guilty and was sentenced from seven to 15 years in prison.

His wife divorced him and was attributed his half of the company in the settlement. Mrs. Brody, with Jessica as her right hand, took his place at Brody & Silver.

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