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Girl Cries From Pain, When Her Teacher Checks it, She Calls The Police Immediately!

She complained of feeling pain in her private parts, and the police were called for the girl’s father. When they found out the truth, everyone was shocked.

Victoria was a beautiful 9-year-old girl who was running and playing with her classmates at school. It was her favorite time, recess. She loved playing dodgeball, jumping rope, and making new friends. Despite her difficult routine at home, at school, she felt safe and happy.

Only when the classes started did the girl’s happy expression disappear, and she became quiet. She even liked to study, but she wasn’t very good at math. Sometimes she was so nervous during exams that she made silly mistakes. When she told her father why she got a bad grade, he would scold her and tell her she needed to work harder. However, Victoria was a dedicated student and always tried to do her best. She said she wanted to become a veterinarian when she grew up because she loved animals so cute.

But at home, life was more difficult for the little girl. It was just her and her father, Rodrigo, and they were very poor. Her mother had died 3 years ago in a bus accident along with her two other little brothers. They were returning from the beach, and what was supposed to be a happy trip turned into a nightmare.

Rodrigo had saved money for years to go on a big trip with his family. They were all very excited, and it would be the first time he had taken his wife and three children to the beach. They spent incredible days there, having fun and enjoying the heat and the sea. But on the way back, when the couple and the children boarded the tour bus to go home, one of the tires burst.

As it was a clandestine bus, which was what the man could afford, after that incident, the driver lost his brakes, and the vehicle ended up overturning several times, falling off a cliff. Renata and her two young children did not survive. Only Victoria and her father came out of that terrible accident alive.

But since then, their lives have never been the same. Even so, because of the time the man spent recovering, he was fired without any compensation. He was desperate about how he would take care of his only children left. Rodrigo was 35 years old, and despite being young, he became an invalid with a sequel in his leg that prevented him from taking out various jobs that demanded a lot of effort. Also, since the accident, he had become a very closed-off and reserved person.

Victoria didn’t quite understand what had happened to her father, but she knew he acted differently now. She tried to help him in whatever way he could. She cleaned and put away the dishes; she swept the floor.

But often felt it wasn’t enough to please the man who always came home irritable. He worked two jobs, which he managed to find in the last few months, to support the household. So, he hardly ever had time to play with his daughter, and when he did, he looked too tired to do so because of one of his jobs, which was at night. The girl ended up spending a lot of time alone at home, but she didn’t complain. She knew that life was like that.

Victoria was a lonely girl, but she wasn’t sad. Despite the difficulties, she always kept a smile on her face and never gave up on her dreams. School was her refuge, a place where she could be herself and forget about her problems for a few hours.

But one day, everything changed. The little girl still remembered that day when Rodrigo arrived home with his fists clenched and an angry expression on his face. The girl was in her room playing with her dolls when she heard the door being slammed shut. She huddled in her little corner, afraid of what might happen.

Her father entered her room with heavy steps, and Victoria could see that her eyes were red and that her hands were shaking with anger.

“Why aren’t you at school?” he asked in a voice that made it clear he was very angry.

“Because it’s… it’s Saturday, Dad,” answered the little girl, scared.

He got even more irritated and appeared to be a bit drunk. Then he said, “Come here, quick.”

The girl swallowed hard and tried not to cry. She didn’t know why her father was angry with her, but she still felt an inexplicable fear.

Two days later, on Monday, Victoria woke up with a strange sensation. A sort of twinge in her private parts. She didn’t understand what was going on, but she knew something wasn’t right. Her father had already left early for work, and so she went about her usual routine. She got dressed and combed her hair, had some old coffee that her father had made two days ago, and left to go to school. But all along the way, she felt a nagging pain in that area.

Finally, when the little girl reached the classroom and during the first period, the pain only got worse. She tried to ignore it but couldn’t focus. So, when the recess bell rang, the little girl ran to the schoolyard to play with her friends. But once again, the pain only increased when she tried to run or even when she walked. It felt like something was cutting her insides.

Victoria started complaining to her friends, and they didn’t know what to do. So, they decided it was better to talk to the teacher. Clara immediately noticed the girl’s distress and asked, “What is it, my dear? Is everything okay?”

However, the poor little girl, embarrassed, had her head down and tried to explain that she was in pain. “Pain where, Princess? Where is it hurting?” questioned the lady.

The girl’s eyes filled with tears, and she didn’t want to say anything, but Clara’s insistence made the lady curious. Clara pressured her, and the little girl ended up confessing that her father was the only one who took care of her at home.

The revelation left the teacher worried. She didn’t know Rodrigo very well as he never attended parent meetings, and she didn’t know what his nature was. Furthermore, she was aware that children in unfavorable circumstances like little Victoria could face difficult situations, which she would not even like to mention.

Then she asked the girl, “And does your father have or did he have any strange behavior at home these days?” But the little girl just lowered her head, not knowing how to respond, remembering that day when he arrived all irritated in her room. But that’s when the girl didn’t want to say anything more and said that everything was fine, that the pain was gone, and she went back to her seat.

However, poor Victoria tried to ignore the suffering so that Clara would not become suspicious. The woman, in turn, was intrigued and couldn’t stop thinking about the student and how to help her.

During class, the child seemed distracted; she writhed in pain but tried to hide it. She went home, but in the following days, the little girl spent several hours feeling that unbearable pain. Every time she felt a twinge, it made her even more scared. The poor thing was alone and lost, not knowing who to turn to.

At school, another teacher, Laura, also noticed that something was wrong with her and asked the girl to talk. “Victoria, do you

have something to tell me? Is everything really all right at home?” asked the young woman, worried.

The poor thing didn’t know how to respond. She wanted to tell the truth but was afraid of what might happen if she did. “Yes, everything is fine,” lied the girl about how things were going badly at home.

Laura was not convinced and began to observe the girl more closely. She spoke with other teachers and also with the school principal, reporting her suspicions, as it was already the second complaint that the board received about this.

Everyone was concerned about Victoria’s situation and began to investigate what could be happening. Meanwhile, the little girl continued to suffer in silence. She was afraid that the pain would never go away and end up being rejected or punished. She remembered her mother, and in that moment, she missed her terribly.

The days passed, and Victoria’s pain continued. She felt increasingly weak and unable to cope. She spent most of her time at school sitting around with no friends to talk to or distract herself with the students. Mothers began to notice that something was wrong with her when they went to pick up their daughters. They noticed that the girl looked sad and that she just walked with her head down. So they approached the girl, trying to be friendly and make her feel welcome. But Victoria was still afraid. She knew that her problems at home were serious and that she could be putting herself and her father in danger.

The teachers continued to be concerned about the girl’s situation, talking to her and observing her behavior. They noticed that the girl got scared whenever the subject was her father, which increased their suspicions even more.

Until one day, the little girl went to school feeling the same intense pain she had felt in the last few days. However, suddenly, it became so strong that the poor thing could not stand it and began to cry desperately. Clara, who was in the teaching, ran to help her.

“Victoria, what’s going on?” she asked desperately.

The girl just cried, then the lady picked her up and ran to the ward. She also called the director, who, seeing the situation, called the emergency and also the little girl’s father.

Rodrigo, scared, left his work running and went straight to meet his daughter. When he arrived, he found his little girl crying uncontrollably. He tried to calm her down by asking, “Oh my love, what happened? Tell Daddy what’s wrong.” But she could only scream in pain. Then she said very softly and squirming with so much pain that she wanted to go home, but she was afraid he would be mad at her for telling the teacher and for being called from school, even though he knew he had to work. Then she started screaming again.

He was terrified. He had never seen his little daughter in that situation. The school teachers were all there, watching his behavior, but to make matters worse, at that moment, two policemen entered the room with serious and determined expressions.

Rodrigo was confused and worried, asking, “What was going on?”

The policemen called him aside and said that they had received a report of violence involving Victoria. “What? What do you mean, my daughter?” Rodrigo was in shock and couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Then the men approached him and put his hands behind him.

“You are being arrested on suspicion of serious assault against a minor,” said the cops.

“What? What are they doing? I didn’t do anything with my daughter. Have they gone crazy?” he said, looking at everyone there. “I love my daughter. I would never hurt her. Are you idiots by any chance? Let me go.”

However, no one believed him, and the police began to take him away by force. The man started screaming for his daughter, “Victoria! Daughter! No, release me now, honey!” And the girl was even more terrified, seeing her father being arrested right in front of her. She thought she had done something wrong and that was why he was being taken.

“No, Daddy, no!” And the poor thing moaned in pain. The entire school was in shock; parents of the other students were concerned about the safety of their little ones, and many of them were outraged that a father would do such a thing to his own daughter. The school principal was nervous, trying to keep everyone under control.

Meanwhile, they picked up Little Victoria and urgently took her to the hospital to receive medical attention. In the chair at the police station, Rodrigo was angry and agitated. He said he couldn’t understand why he was being accused of something so terrible, and all he could think about was his little girl, how she must be feeling right now. He said he wanted to be there for her, comfort her, and tell her everything would be okay, but instead, he was sitting in a hard, uncomfortable cell, surrounded by police officers.

“I didn’t do anything, I swear,” said Rodrigo, trying to convince the police of his innocence. “I would never hurt my daughter. I love her more than anything in the world.”

The cops just looked at him suspiciously. “You need to understand, sir, that we are dealing with a very serious charge here. We need to investigate this in every way possible. If you have nothing to hide, then there is nothing to be afraid of. We are just following protocol.”

Rodrigo felt accused and ashamed. He wondered how this could be happening. “I just want to see my daughter, sir. She’s there now, dying of pain, and I’m not by her side,” said the father, “Father, I need to know that she’s okay.”

However, the agents just ignored him. That’s when a group of prisoners approached him. “What happened, brother?” asked one of them.

Rodrigo took a deep breath and let some tears flow. “My daughter is sick, in a lot of pain, and I was arrested. They think I did something to her, but I swear I would never hurt my little girl,” he replied with a trembling voice.

The prisoners exchanged glances with each other, looking suspicious. “Children are sacred, bro. If you really did something to them, you’ll have to pay dearly. We don’t know what happened, but if you’re here, it’s because someone has some suspicion.”

The situation seemed to be getting more and more complicated and frightening for him. Victoria’s father walked away and went to sit down, but he could still hear their conversation as they went to the other side of the cell. “If he really did something to his daughter, he deserves to be locked up for life,” said one of the prisoners.

Rodrigo’s heart skipped a beat. He needed to find out what was going on and prove his innocence before it was too late. But was he really innocent?

Meanwhile, Victoria was in the hospital, already dosed with a painkiller to stop the pain and lying in bed while a gynecologist gently told her that she was going to examine her. And that’s when she saw that her clothes had some blood leaks. The poor little girl was scared and worried, trying to understand what was happening to her. She missed her father and cried, wanting him there.

Clara and Laura, who accompanied the girl, and the director tried to calm her down by saying that she was safe now, but she just cried even more. The doctor took some samples quickly, and they did some exams. Finally, after some time,nthe doctor approached her with a kind look and began to speak.

“Hi, princess. Let me ask you, when you feel pain, where is it? Here?” replied Victoria, pointing to her belly. “It hurts a lot here.”

She took out her stethoscope and said, “I’m going to take a look at your little tummy, okay?” The child nodded, and the gynecologist lifted her blouse to examine her one more time.

After a few seconds, she smiled at her. “Well, I have good news and bad news,” she said in a soft tone. “The good news is that your tummy is fine. There’s nothing wrong with it. But the bad news is that we found out that you have a urinary infection that can make you feel pain when peeing, for example. But don’t worry; we’ll give you some medicine to help you with that, okay?” The girl nodded.

“Another thing we’ve discovered is that you’re becoming a little girl now, honey. This may have caused you a little more pain than usual, but it’s perfectly normal.” The women couldn’t believe it; already, she was so young. The gynecologist smiled and explained that there was no evidence of any kind of violence. It was all a normal reaction from the little girl’s body. She was having what doctors call precocious puberty, and combined with that urinary tract infection she had, probably due to the altered pH of her private parts, Victoria had these horrible pains there. And as a little girl of only 8 years old, all that suffering was too much for her.

They were incredulous. If a ton of weight had been lifted off their shoulders, but now they felt deeply regretful for not giving the girl’s poor father a chance to explain himself. They immediately called the police station, ordering them to release Rodrigo.

“So you really are innocent, huh?” said the guard, opening the cell and releasing the man, who began to cry with relief.

Victoria’s father was a good and loving young man, but he was not very expressive and had a tired and sudden look. He had a difficult and challenging life taking care of his daughter. But that didn’t mean he would harm her.

Besides, he just didn’t find out about the little girl’s situation because, as he worked a lot, when he got home, her little daughter was already asleep. After he lost one of his jobs, the poor man left home after arriving from the only job he had left and spent the night picking up cans in bars and clubs. So when he returned the next day, the girl had already left to go to school. But he loved her more than anything in this life because she was the only family left after that terrible accident.

They took him to the hospital where he waited with a racing heart to finally see his beloved daughter, Victoria. After all the suffering he’d been through, he couldn’t wait to hug her and explain that he would never hurt her. The teachers and the director ran to him, apologizing and trying to make amends for the mistake made. Finally, the gynecologist appeared, accompanied by the little girl.

Victoria ran into her father’s arms, and together they cried and hugged. Rodrigo apologized to his daughter for everything she had gone through and promised to always be by her side, supporting her in every moment of her life.

Then the doctor explained everything to Rodrigo, who was moved to hear that his daughter was fine and that she had not been hurt, as they had suspected. The director of the little school, sorry for the inconvenience, offered the man a job as a doorman as compensation for the embarrassment they had caused him and his daughter. He was very happy because with the salary, he would be able to raise his little girl with more comfort and peace of mind.

Finally, all was well. Victoria was healthy, and Rodrigo had been cleared of all wrongful charges. He realized that despite everything he had been through, the love he felt for his daughter had only grown stronger and that nothing could separate them.

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