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A Park Ranger Comforts A Sad Gorilla That Just Lost It’s Mother

It’s easy to understand the universality of emotions among all living beings. Here is a picture that has made all the internet users cry. It’s that of a gorilla being comforted by a ranger as the gorilla has lost its mother who was hunted and killed by the poachers.

This has taken place in the national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The ranger is sitting with the gorilla as he has been orphaned in the sanctuary. He comforts and consoles the baby gorilla, sympathizing with it for its loss. They both realize and value each other’s presence and the bond is indescribable. By placing its arm on his lap, the gorilla too reciprocates to the man’s sympathy.

The video below shows how a five-year-old baby gorilla is being taken care of.
The gorillas tend to lead the sanctuary caretakers to their homes by themselves. The animals were taken care by the chief of the sanctuary along with the other rangers. The chief describes the way how the babies have been recovered from beside the corpse of their dead parents who were hunted by poachers mercilessly. The baby gorillas were few months old from this deplorable plight when they were found. One of them had been injured resulted in a severed arm by the attacks of illegal poachers.

The rangers mentioned that the babies ought to be given the care and protection to grow properly without any fear. But, anyhow the little babies continued to survive by themselves, without their mothers. Only a few mountain gorillas continue to exist while the larger population has become prey to incessant animal poaching and extinction is the most saddening affair. The rest have been unnecessarily made victims to the havoc of the impending wars that frequently take place in Congo. The fear has not been completely erased out due to crossfire between the opposition parties as the horrors of war continue to exist which leads to the death of numerous gorillas.

The situation of conflict remains a regular thing in Eastern Congo.

As it is very hard to be traversed by road due to the existing tensions among the rival troops, they are kept in divided zones. For the endangered ones, the rangers are the sole source of protection. Several animals have become prey to the conflicts of wars and died. The Rangers try to protect the sanctuary as much as possible even though the there are many sacrifices and loss they continue to face. The gorillas are similar to humans as they also have the ability to understand and reciprocate to the feelings and actions of humans.

The gorilla present in the picture has also suffered the loss of its mother and has been rescued by one of the rangers, Patrick Karabaranga, same like the several other orphaned gorillas. This sanctuary in Congo is home to a large number of endangered gorillas of the world.

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