A Hero dies attempting to save 9 children from boat that capsized near jetty rocks – RIP – Legitpost.com.ng
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A Hero dies attempting to save 9 children from boat that capsized near jetty rocks – RIP

A Florida man passed away during the weekend while in the process of trying to assist in the rescue of nine children and three adults after a boat capsized.

According to Fox News, the incident occurred close to the Palm Beach Inlet in Florida on Saturday afternoon. The boat in question flipped, leaving a number of the 12 passengers floundering in the water.

Sea Tow Palm Beach captain John Snow told local outlet KOCO 5 News: “It was a bunch of chaos and everybody was trying to assist everybody out of the water because we were floating closest to the rocks, trying to get everybody out so nobody else gets hurt.”

As per reports, the 20-foot boat began taking on water due to the 6ft waves, but officials have not yet given an explanation.

Passersby quickly leapt into action upon realizing the danger. Captain Snow said there were nine children on board the boat, all of whom found themselves in the water soon after the vessel began to sink.
“I [saw] the vessel that was capsized,” Snow said, according to WPBF-TV. “I pulled up on scene. There was another vessel there helping the people out of the water.

A number of other private vessels and a towboat shortly arrived on scene to help, but there was one good samaritan who paid the ultimate price for his role in the rescue.

Authorities confirmed that a Florida man had died in the effort, though it is not yet clear how.
“I was super sorry for the family,” Snow said of the person.
“Somebody trying to save a life ended up losing theirs and I feel bad, you know, that it happens.
“My heart goes out to him and his family.”

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