2023: Interim Govt In Place Of Election Is Call To Anarchy – Uzodinma 

imo state governor hope uzodinma
Imo State governor, Hope Uzodinma, has said that the suggestion to set up an interim government at the end of the tenure of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023 made by a prominent legal luminary, Aare Afe Babalola, was a call to anarchy.

Recall that the founder of Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti (ABUAD), Babalola, had given his advice to the Federal Government at a press conference on Monday, stressing the need to suspend the 2023 elections to allow a six-month interim government after Buhari’s tenure in order to come up with that he called ‘people’s constitution’.

He said that a new constitution to address insecurity, economic, political and other excruciating ills bedeviling the nation, would then be evolved.

But speaking to State House correspondents on Tuesday after a meeting with President Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Uzodinma said the nation’s constitution has no room for an interregnum.

He wondered if there is no election to replace the current administration, what means would be used to determine the interim government.

Asked about his opinion on Babalola’s suggestion, he responded: “By May 29, if there is no elected government, our constitution has not provided for an interregnum. There shouldn’t be a gap, otherwise you are creating room for anarchy.

“What will be the process of selecting the interim government because after May 29, the president may not have constitutional powers to function as a president anymore? So, I don’t think we will decide to abandon our constitution.

“Constitution is like a bible. Some of us who are Christians, the Bible is the manager of our faith. So, the Constitution should be the instrument guiding our actions as a country.

“If you think there is an opinion you think that is worthy to be canvassed superior to what is in the Nigerian constitution, such opinion should be taken to the National Assembly and they will through due process amend our constitution to factor in such a opinion.”

On why he visited the president he said, “I got the approval of Mr. president to commission the Owerri-Orlu road and the Owerri – Okigwe road next month. The contractor is a world class contractor that did construction, he has done brilliantly very well and the roads almost 95% complete. By next month they will all be completed, ready for commission by Mr. president and Mr. President has graciously approved that he will be there to commission the roads.

“I also used the opportunity to brief him on the state of affairs in my state, particularly, it has to do with the recent resurgents of banditry and the efforts we have made to contain the situation.”

On the naming of sponsors and those behind killings in his state, he said: “on the issue of the sponsor of banditry by APC. I want us to look at the issue of banditry Nigeria holistically. If anybody’s telling you that the government in power is sponsoring banditry, how and why?

“How can anybody even think of a government sponsoring banditry in a country that they are in charge. If that is correct, assuming that is a possibility. How many states governed by opposition parties are under this kind of attack that we’ll hear from Kaduna every day. That we get from Imo state every day, that we get from Ebonyi state.

“So if we are ones, why are we attacking our own states? Why are we going to be enemies and opposition to our own governments. Among those that have been killed and houses that were attacked, how many of those buildings belong to opposition party?

“Am I supposed to be attacking burning down my own house? Or do you think Ebonyi governor will burn down his own house? Or the Kaduna governor burn down facilities in his government.

“So we should be able to ask questions, but only as media practitioners but as Nigerian citizens. I just use this medium to call on Nigerian politicians to click play politicise without bitterness and stop letting blood here and there in the name of looking for power.

“I am no longer in doubt, as to who are the sponsors of banditry in Nigeria. Those who want to make Nigeria ungovernable cannot be the people governing Nigeria, currently. After all, we don’t have election this year. Election should start by next year.

“So for completely one year, APC government is a power and will not encourage any disruption. So I think we reason and begin to think better than we’re currently doing. Nigerians should be more patriotic, our national interest should be uppermost in our minds,” he added.

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