Trans Man gave birth, But People Screamed in Disbelief When They Discovered What He is Doing to His Baby’! –
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Trans Man gave birth, But People Screamed in Disbelief When They Discovered What He is Doing to His Baby’!

The 31-year-old trans man, Posey, was born female. During an interview, the trans man said said he felt like something was off from early on, but never knew exactly what it was.

So, few years ago, Posey realized that he wanted to be male with the help of a trans co-worker, and he soon started medically transitioning.

When the 31-year-old trans man discovered that he was pregnant, he was left completely stunned. Posey also said that he is happily living his life with his baby boy.

Last month, Posey opened up about his journey to becoming a father after he received backlash for his b-eastfeeding videos. The trans man faced criticism after people learned that he b-eastfeeds his baby boy after giving birth to him. Many social media users reprotedly told him that carrying and nursing his child makes him ‘less of a man.’ Many users screamed in disbelief when they discovered that Posey is b-eastfeeding his son.

“I share my pregnancy and nursing journey in hopes to be able to help others feel comfortable and know that you’re not alone not everyone is ok with our lifestyle and that’s ok we’re not here to please anyone but ourselves,” Posey said. But people weren’t happy about him being both a mother and a father to his child, revealing that he received comments such as “You do not belong on earth,” “Men don’t carry babies,” and “Go ahead and go back to where you came from” in one of his videos.

Posey also said that there is no need to feel shame in utilizing what they’ve got to give the child everything, encouraging them to b-eastfeed their own children as well. “I’ve got the parts to be able to (b-eastfeed). Just because I transitioned does not mean I stripped myself from wanting to give my child nutrients,” he said in an interview, according to The Daily Mail. While the backlash got him really bad in the beginning, he said he decided to continue to help others who are going through the same thing.

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