Viral Video Captures Moment Man Dresses His Dog Up in Fine Clothes, Their Matching Outfits Amaze People

A man and his dog were praised online by thousands of TikTok users after they wore matching outfits.

The man took his time to dress himself and the pet, gently putting the clothes on the dog like a kid.

Among those who reacted to the video were people who said he made the pet look cute with the choice of outfits

A young man known as Carl Curnard on TikTok has in a video served a great ‘man and dog goals’ and people loved it.

In the TikTok clip, the man dressed up his dog in the same outfit as his. When he wore his jean trousers, he helped the pet to get into one too.

Cute dog and man

Their shirts also matched. That was not all. The dog, like its owner, had a backpack to go with the dressing.

The only thing the pet did not have is the white sneakers the man wore in the video. In all, they looked set for wherever they may be going.

Watch the video below:

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