Man Sets Up Hidden Camera After Food Goes Missing, Finds Creepy Woman Crawling Down And He Was Left In Shock –
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Man Sets Up Hidden Camera After Food Goes Missing, Finds Creepy Woman Crawling Down And He Was Left In Shock

We all have those awkward moments, you know, the ones where you head to the fridge or the pantry only to find the item you were looking for just isn’t there. You swear that it was there, you must have eaten it and forgotten. Maybe somebody else ate it, but you live alone. You check with your girlfriend, and she claims that she’s done nothing of the sort. What do you do?

Well, Joe had the same problem, and with an apparent lack of trust, he decided to do something about it. Joe set up a video camera to catch his girlfriend in the act, but what he found was something straight out of a horror film.

You may want to familiarize yourself with the layout of the kitchen, as the video quality is not that phenomenal. Note the circle illustrating the entry point; it appears to be something like a cold air return.


This is not Joe’s girlfriend. I would flip my lid. It’s strange enough that there is a stranger who has found their way into your home, but it appears they have brought their own refreshments. The disturbing entrance of the creepy houseguest.

In a dark room, the intruder seems to already know her surroundings. The awkward, exaggerated movements are reminiscent of demon-possessed vessels in a horror movie. She drinks straight from the carton in the fridge. The intruder helps herself to whatever she can find in the fridge, drinking straight from the container, presumably to leave no evidence behind.


It’s time to enjoy a little TV while you’re enjoying the luxuries of another person’s home. Of course, you’d want to relax and enjoy all of their amenities. This is where things would get scary for me. Knowing that a stranger was in your home, and when they hear you wake up, they were successfully able to hide from you, and you are none the wiser

Instead of leaving, she goes for more food. After nearly getting caught, you would think that an intruder would vacate the premises immediately. And finally, she leaves the way she came in, after settling everything back into its place. The intruder escapes as if she were never even there.


Joe Cummins is standing firm that this was real and not a hoax. I can imagine that after watching a video like this, you may be a little more skeptical about that late-night noise you hear coming from inside your home.

There have been several accusations that this video is, in fact, a hoax, potentially something that Joe has created to ignite or advance his acting career. I am not here to speculate, but I will say this: with over 17 million viewers, if it is a promotional video, well done. If it is actually a genuine unwelcome house guest, holy hell is that creepy. Is this a hoax or the real deal?

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