Yul Edochie: If you’re legally married and you marry someone else, you could go to jail – Barrister

A Nigerian man has said that anyone who got married under the Marriage Act in Nigeria risks going to jail if they marry someone else without first ending their first marriage.

He explained that it is a crime in Nigeria to take a second spouse if one tied the nuptial knot in a marriage registry.

The man shared the piece of information amid the revelation by actor, Yul Edochie that he has taken actress, Judy Austin as his second wife.

”If you’re legally married to a person under the Marriage Act in Nigeria and then you proceed to marry someone else while your previous marriage is subsisting, that’s a crime and you could go to jail. Not minding your longstanding predilection for polygamy.

A marriage at the marriage registry is a marriage conducted under the Marriage Act. A marriage conducted in a registered place of worship and in respect of which a marriage certificate is issued, is also a marriage under the Marriage Act in Nigeria.

During the continuance of such a marriage, you cannot validly marry someone else (whether traditional wedding or another marriage under the Act). That’s basically the crime of bigamy. Punishable with 5/7 years.

Just mentioning to you that bigamy is a crime and it is a sub-set of polygamy. So if you expand your marital net, you should bear in mind that a crime is hanging over your head. Except your previous marriage was not conducted under the Marriage Act.

So if you want a polygamous home, don’t marry under the Act. Just quietly do your traditional weddings. You can go to church for thanksgiving but don’t sign any legal papers. There you go, polygamist/polyandrist,’‘ he wrote.

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