Woman Finds Envelope in Walmart That Says “If This Card Has Found You, Open It”—This Is What Was Inside

While shopping in the little boy’s section of her Charlotte, North Carolina, Walmart, Julia Stultz was surprised to find a white envelope on the floor among the racks.

She took a closer look at the pouch, which had the words, “With love, amen,” written on the front of it.

Puzzled, Julia picked it up and read the back of the envelope: “If this card has found you, open it. It’s yours. God is continuously blessing you.”

Julia did as the envelope instructed. She was shocked to open up to a card with $100 cash folded inside.

The generous stranger, who signed the card, “your friend,” included a message that read: “May this gift buy you a little peace today. One day, please pay it forward. May the blessings of God be on you always.”

Overwhelmed by the stranger’s kindness, Julia reached out to share the experience with a local news station. She says she may never have the opportunity to thank the person who left it, but she is grateful and plans on paying it forward.

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