Wife Finds Out She’s Pregnant Weeks After Husband Dies—Then 16 of His Friends Stun Her With This Big Reveal

North Carolina couple Cassie and Ryan Lohrey had only been married one month when tragedy struck the newlyweds on July 10, 2017.

Ryan, a Hospital Corpsman in the U.S. Navy, died tragically in a plane crash while training in Mississippi. Cassie says she was “in shock” when she first got the news.

“We were just getting our life started together. We wanted a family. We had so many plans and they were just left unfinished.

But in the midst of her grief and heartache, Cassie got an unexpected token of joy from her late husband.

Just weeks after Ryan’s death, Cassie learned she was pregnant with the couple’s first child.
“I’m very excited and happy to have a piece of him left with me for the rest of my life,” she says. “I knew he wouldn’t leave me alone. I’m overwhelmed with joy and [gratitude].”

As most mothers do these days, Cassie decided to have a gender reveal party. And in honor of her late husband, she held the event on Veteran’s Day.

Enlisting the help of 16 service members who were friends with Ryan, Cassie made this gender reveal, a celebration to remember—one that her husband would have loved.

The number of men who were in on the surprise became even more significant when Cassie learned that exactly 16 people died in the plane crash that took Ryan’s life.

When the time came for the big reveal, the 16 men lined up on each side of Cassie, as a U.S. flag waved behind them. Then one of the service members initiated the announcement by saying: “Cassie Lohrey. We do hereby appoint you impregnated by Ryan Lohrey and congratulate you on your soon-to-be new baby…”

Then all at once, the men let out an explosion of sparkly pink confetti.

Baby Lohrey is a GIRL!
“It was a joyous occasion. My emotions were all over the place,” Cassie says. “I was happy, excited and sad because [Ryan] wasn’t there. But more happy than sad because I got a piece of him. A silver lining in this tragic situation.”

Ryan Jo Lohrey is expected to make her grand entrance in March of 2018. A GoFundMe Campaign has been set up on Cassie’s behalf.

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