Why Are Northern Cabals Afraid A Southern President Won’t Be Fair To North After Buhari’s Tenure?

The 2023 presidential election is fast approaching and it appears some Northern political elites are beginning to realize that rotational presidency will guarantee peace, justice, equity, and fairness in Nigeria.

Some of them now believe that it will be unfair for another Northerner to succeed President Buhari in 2023.

But they have a fear which is that a Southern President may not be fair to Northerners after May 29, 2023, when Buhari will return to his hometown in Daura, Katsina State as a former President of Nigeria. 

According to Vanguard newspaper, Mallam Ismail Hassan, a Northern elite from Bauchi State made it clear that core Northern power brokers are afraid that a Southern President won’t be fair to Northerners in 2023. 

That will form the basis of our discussion in this article. 

Why are Northern cabals skeptical about a Southern President come 2023? 

My understanding is that how the Southern Governors are insisting that the South must produce the President in 2023 threatens Northern elites.

For example, Senator Bulkachuwa a core Northerner believes that the 2023 Presidency should be by voting strength and not by rotation. 

The fear is that nobody knows how the North will fair under a Southern President in 2023. While some of them agree that the South deserves it for the sake of justice, others want a strong commitment from Southern politicians that the North will be carried along after Buhari’s tenure.

For instance, the issue of VAT which some Southern Governors like Wike and Sanwo-Olu are spearheading unsettles the North. Also, the idea of restructuring which the South-West is clamoring for is another idea that the North is not fully in support of.

Don’t forget the ban on open grazing which many Southern Governors have implemented is there. These 3 issues directly or indirectly affect the North and some of the Northern elites have envisaged how these issues might turn out with the emergence of a Southern President in 2023.


  • The wise men say * the good you do stays with you but the bad you do comes back to you*. This is the problem of the northern cabals. Buari’s regime though raised by the south west and the south generally was hostal, brutish, murderous to the south. He isolated the south, appointed only the northern muslims to all key Federal Government posts, totally distrusting the entire south. He factually set killer herders againt the south, allowed thr fulani murderers to carry AK 47 while he forced the southerners to submit their guns for their defence. There are many more damages done on southern Nigeria that the north are affraid can come back to them All military institutions are absurdly relocated to the north in exclusion of the south. WHY? The bad you do will come back to you. These are some of the reasons why the north wants to negotiate and are fairful. We should be good and fair to ourselves every time and all the time.

  • A sane mind suppose to be adopted in the political equation for a country that is blessed with everything that nature gives, the impression that greeted this administration is equal to the fear that came with it and justifiably the script interpreters acted in consonance with the fears of majority of Nigerians and actually not in the direction of the good intentions of the principal actor, leaving us in deeper hatred for one another, unfortunately, the regime turned out to be a desert wind that knows no boundary, everybody is complaining, North,South and corners,even the natural inheritance are complaining,so what we need now is not a myopic political fixation,we need a strong healer, whose voice, actions, tribe, emotions and ethos will put the divides behind us, the only dividend, that this dispensation brought, went to weapon manufacturers and oil barons from US,China, Turkey,Uk etc, whose economy grows fatter during obnoxious regimes all over the world, otherwise,Ajokuta Steel Company,Kano Grandnut pyramid,Kaduna textile Mills and Automabile companies, and other stuff in the Northern part of this country would have spring up on the basis of a Northern leader, and then when it time for analysis, one can confidently say this is what we are afraid a president of Southern extraction will upturn if he/she goes in but in this case, the fear is based on the fact that there may be the likelihood of a Southern president removing VAT and enforcement of anti grazing, these fears are unfounded cos President Jonathan spent six years in the office trying to placade the North, let us be frank, the fear is nothing more than the ordercity and impunity which the regime mistakenly hoisted in the system, which was not there among the Yorubas, and Ijaws when Obasanjo and Jonathan were in charge, so it is time to navigate a green course taking into account the areas that caused us the migraine headache and the other ailments that have bent this nation beyond the orthopedic medical approach.

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