We Have more than 32,000 Workers And No Human Can Pay Them – David Oyedepo

At Covenant Hour Of Prayer of the Church, David Oyedepo, the Living Faith Church President reiterated the fact that no human being is bouyant enough to pay all his 32,000 workers.

Here is his statement;

You’ve heard my testimony: “I am a full time Christian, a part time student.” I’ve always had time.

Why? I don’t have any other source

Jeremiah 17:5-6

Jesus committed Himself to no man because He knew all men (John 2:25). Man is so limited Sir. Can they help you to sleep and wake up?

Can they protect you against the arrows that fly by day?

Can they keep you to walk upon serpents and scorpions?

Man is utterly limited. When you find a man say, “anything you need, come to me!” You have entered deception.

Can you imagine somebody saying, “look, anything this ministry will need, we are there for you!”

And I say, “we are 32,000 workers, we need salary from you”

He will say, “Haaa, No. That is not the kind of thing we are talking about. I am talking about if you need food…” You have finished him, so if he says, “come back tomorrow”, he is only deceiving you. You too, you know he has nothing to do.

Where you are going is so far, only God can get you there!!!

When a man takes you to lift you up, he can only lift you where his hand can reach but when the everlasting hand of God takes you, He throws you to everlasting heights.

There is no way, I can lift you beyond where my hand can reach. No way!

But God’s everlasting hand, the earth is His foot stool and He lives in heaven (Isaiah 66:1a). You know where heaven is? Beyond space. So, you can now imagine the length of His hand. When He stretches forth His hand to pick an ordinary person, an ordinary boy like me, an unworthy boy like me, He picks you up and you leave yourself in His hand, He keeps taking you.

Ahh, God, Me, How? He keeps lifting you up.

I praise Jesus – then you are going up.

I will serve you till I die – I will lift you till you die.Church Gist.

He keeps lifting you. This is what happens.

Can I hear you say: “I have time for my God. My life depends on that, my future depends on that, my generation after me depends on that. My eternity depends on it. I have time for my God. He is my only reliable source. Everybody wants to help me but everybody is limited. I have an unlimited Father with everlasting arms, when He takes a man up, no matter at what level, no matter how low he may be, He takes him to unusual heights. He will take him to an unusual height. I have time for you Jesus!”

Bind all the forces fighting against your time for God. Receive that grace to make the most of your time because the days are evil. Grace to get the devil off your time, receive it!!!

Thank You Jesus, in Jesus precious name.

Time is an asset of equality, everybody has 24 hours. Very few invest their time, majority squander it.

“I have no time”: who stole your time?

It’s same time for everybody. Same time. No one’s time under the sound of my voice shall be squandered again.

Same time!!!

The original, dependable, ever reliable, never failing source of Help is God only. There is no one that qualifies to be Jehovah Jireh, everybody is a small Jireh, everybody is limited.

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