“This Is Not Right” – Reaction as Mum Breaks Down In Tears After Her 16-Yr-Old Son Spent Her Rent Money On A Girl [Video]

A single African mum has taken to social media page to reveal that her son had taken her house rent to impress his girlfriend.

The woman sobbed as she described what transpired in a video that has gone viral online.

She said that her son stole $2,000 from her credit card and used it to purchase expensive designer items for a female.

The mother stated that she had already sent him out and was considering calling the police to have him arrested as her eyes were filled with tears.

She claimed that the $2,000 her son spent was all of the money she had in her account, which she had been saving to pay the rent.

She added that she was so enraged and feared making a mistake that she would later regret that she chose to turn to the internet to calm herself. She demanded that the young man must leave her home since she couldn’t stand to be around him.

Watch video below;

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