“They Call Me Walking Dead,” Meet “Kamanayo” The World’s Thinnest Man Who Refused To Die

Kamanayo Erariste was once a strong man but woke up one day with none of his organs functioning. He narrates his deadly story of how he died and woke up after 2 days.

Kamanayo claims that one day he became ill and while receiving medication, he stopped breathing and the doctors pronounced him dead. After two days, while his body was being handed over to his family in a plastic bag as people weep and mourn his death, something mysteriously happened.

Call is a miracle but Kamanayo came back to life and up to now people cannot understand what happened. They say that he refused to die and they now call him ‘walking dead’. He had to spend a week at the hospital so as the doctors can examine him since even them were in shock.

He was later discharged but with most of his organs not functioning making him the most thinnest man in the world. He now cannot do anything for himself and depends on his wife who swears to stand by him no matter what.


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