Some Women Add No Value To Men’s Lives Except S**, Facebook, Whatsapp And Nagging- Faridah Nakazibwe


Written by Faridah Nakazibwe

I don’t know who needs to hear this but remove s** from relationship and you will discover that some obscenely huge percentage of ladies have nothing to offer in relationships, totally nothing.

Remove money from a relationship and you will discover that a majority of ladies won’t see a reason to be in a relationship with you, they want you to take care of them, but they add no value to your life other than s**, Facebook, whatsapp and nagging.

Somebody who can’t challenge you positively, somebody who thinks being female is like being disabled, somebody who is expecting heaven from you but offer almost nothing in your life! Somebody who thinks her money is meant for her and yours at her disposal.

Somebody who can’t even send you airtime, let alone lunch! Somebody who can’t lend you money when you are in economic crisis!
Somebody who has parasitic thinking and reasoning.

If you hate financially broke men then don’t be a financially broke woman. You cannot hate what you are, one sided expectations can destroy you. If you want a man with a car you will show us exactly where you have parked yours.

Please men Go for the best, somebody who is slaying with senses and reasoning! Not somebody who has only hips, boobs & birth certificate.

Go for somebody who is ready to push and provoke you to achieve your goals, not a thief who’s after your money!

I know most of ladies will not like this but Iet’s call a spade, a spade; not a big spoon.

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