Sleep With Me Or I’ll Bring 20 More Men: Russian Soldier’s Threat Before Raping 16yrs Pregnant Girl

A drunk Russian soldier allegedly raped a 16years old Ukrainian pregnant teen in the village of Kherson, which is under Russian control in Ukraine.

According to India Today, at the time of the alleged rape, the 16years old pregnant teen said that the Russian soldier strangled her and threatened to kill her if she did not corporate, said “Either you sleep with me now, or I will bring 20 more men with me”.

According to India Today, CNN reported that at the time of the rape, the 16years old girl was six months old pregnant. The girl and her family were sheltering in the basement of their house to escape Russian airstrikes and rampant shelling. The soldier took hold of her when she and her mother took her siblings out at dusk to eat.

According to India Today, the girl noted that the soldier was drunk, and his fellow soldier asked him to stop, but all to no avail, as he threatened to bring 20 more soldiers to sleep with her.

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