My Girlfriend Arrested Me After Bringing Her To Join Me Abroad- Man Laments (Video)

A Ghanaian man named Nana Kojo Asaw has opened up about how his girlfriend got him into trouble right after bringing her abroad.

Nana shared that his woman got him arrested on two occasions, and he had to spend two weeks in prisonHe revealed that his lady’s change in character was influenced by the new friends she made after arriving in the UKA Ghanaian man called Nana Kojo Asaw has recently granted an interview on a YouTube channel called SVTV Africa, where he opened up about how the woman he moved from Ghana to the United Kingdom stabbed him in the back.

 Nana Kojo recounted that after moving to the UK, he worked it out for his girlfriend in Ghana to join him but after living together for a while, the lady got him arrested on two different occasions.

Ghanaian man known as Nana Kojo shares how his woman got him arrestedMan in handcuffs, Nana Kojo Asaw, SVTV AfricaHe shared that his girlfriend conceived for him after moving to the UK but she was without proper documents hence he moved her to a different place until she gave birth.

His girlfriend was able to acquire the right documents after giving birth but she chose to stay at the new place for 12 years.

 According to Nana, he had four children with his lady within 12 years and he felt it was time for his family to move to join him.
The betrayal from his loverHe shared that his girlfriend’s attitude had completely changed when she returned because she had been negatively influenced by the new friends she made there.

The arrest came in when one day he shouted at one of his children who was not willing to eat his supper.
According to him, his lady called the police to report that he was abusing the children just for insisting that they eat their food.

The second arrest came when one day he attended a wedding and upon returning, his lady accused him of seeing another woman.
A series of words were exchanged and the next thing was the lady calling the police on him again.

According to one Buchi Laba Laba on Twitter, his friend called him to talk on how his girlfriend of five years is getting set to walk down the aisle with an abroad returnee in December 2019.

The lady told the guy about the development and he has been crying so much that he decided to take his leave and travel for one month to deal with the pain.

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