Mom Sees Something Strange On Girl’s Head, Looks At Her Boyfriend In Horror

A man from Frankfort, Indiana, was arrested for “scalping” a 3-year-old girl

Andrew Milburn was arrested after his girlfriend, the child’s mother, discovered swelling on her daughter’s head and took her to a nearby hospital. The girl was then transferred to a children’s hospital, and Child Protective Services subsequently notified the Howard County Sheriff’s Department about suspected abuse.

On the night of the a abuse, Noel Maxwell was asleep when Milburn and her daughter returned from visiting the man’s parents. When she went to check on the child after she woke up, Maxwell found severe swelling on the side of her head.

Milburn told Maxwell he thought her daughter might have fallen off of a chair at his parents’ house in nearby Russiaville. But doctors said the injuries were inconsistent with a fall and described it as a “scalping” injury, WXIN reported.

Scalping is the process of forcibly removing the scalp from a person’s skull. It causes internal bleeding and results in bruising and swelling.

During the investigation, it was revealed that Milburn allegedly struck the girl several times on the head and pulled her hair. He was taken into custody on a charge of battery resulting in serious bodily injury to a person less than 14 years of age. He was held in lieu of $25,000 bail.

“When will females learn to not trust these bf’s and random guys around your kids?” one reader commented on Facebook. “You have a responsibility to your children first and foremost. Never leave them with anybody. Trust is earned not granted. You don’t sacrifice your children for anyone. Tragic.”

“YES he definitely needs some serious punishment but I still can’t understand a MOTHER that would leave a child with a stranger and taking her to a party by himself that would be a red flag for me never never leave your child with people you don’t know !!!!!!” another wrote.

These sacks of $#!+ who hurt, kill or worse to defenseless babies, children and animals are NEVER going to stop until their punishment fits the crime,” another added. “They need to slowly experience exactly what they put their victims thru and it needs to be broadcast and advertised as a deterrent to others out there. My opinion, my vote if anyone ever has the guts to actually put a stop to this evil.”

Some readers called for the mother to be held responsible because she left her daughter alone with her boyfriend.

“Arrest the mother too!” one reader commented. “Sick and tired of children being abused maimed and killed at the hands of some stupid women’s boyfriend. She should be sterilized as well.”

“Why are women so crazy to let there child go off with her boyfriend,” another said. “You don’t trust your child with any one that you don’t know. Some women just have to have a man so they don’t think about there child.”

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