Mom Learns Stepdaughter Mocked Poor Girl Over Her Clothing, Teaches Her Important Lesson

A Utah mother devised a creative way to prevent her stepdaughter from bullying another student (video below).

When Ally Olsen discovered her fiance’s fourth-grade daughter, Kaylee Lyndstrom, was bullying another girl at school over the girl’s choice of clothing, Olsen was “horrified.”

Olsen received a phone call from school officials notifying her that Kaylee had been teasing a classmate about her clothes, calling them “ugly” and “sleazy,” according to

Olsen decided she needed to take action.

Olsen took Kaylee to a local thrift store, and played a game with her stepdaughter. The game was for Kaylee to pick out the ugliest clothes she could find. Kaylee would grab items off the racks, commenting on how hideous they appeared, and Olsen would laugh and tell her to pick that one..

Kaylee had no idea the clothing she was hunting for was about to become her wardrobe at school.

Olsen made Kaylee wear the “hideous” clothes to school for the next two days. During those days, Kaylee was teased and bullied by other classmates, which in turn caused her to feel exactly how the girl she bullied felt.

After two straight days of being bullied, Kaylee decided to apologize to the girl she had made fun of, and now the two are friends, reports.

The National Bullying Prevention Center estimates that 1 out of every 4 students report being bullied during the school year, and that only 36 percent of children who are bullied actually report it.

NBPC also finds that students who experience bullying are at an increased risk for poor school adjustment, sleep difficulties and depression, while students who engage in bullying behavior are at an increased risk for academic problems, substance abuse and violent behavior in later adolescence and adulthood.

When asked about the experience, Kaylee says she is glad her soon-to-be mom taught her this lesson in this way. She claims she learned a lot about how to empathize with others, in addition to gaining a new friend.

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