Meet Papa Africa, The Man Who Has Eight Wives And Over 50 Children (Video)

Have you ever wondered how possible it is that a man will marry so many wives and produce numerous children and still, the family will still live in peace? I know the majority of you will not believe it is possible, but I am telling you today that it is possible.

In this article, I will be sharing with you a story of a man who married eight wives and has over 50 children. According to the man when he was interviewed by Afrimax English, he narrated:

“My name is Mzee Cadel, but you can call me Papa Africa. I am from Kenya. I live in a village in Kenya. I am very rich. I have so many properties such as lands, cattles, and so on. I got married to my first wife, and we both spent 8 years together before I decided to marry a second wife, but before I took such a decision, I discussed it with my first wife, and she gave me a go-ahead. I got married to a second wife, and after my second wife and I have been settling down together for like one to two years, I will tell her that I want to get married to another wife, and she will give me a go-ahead. That is how I kept doing until I married eight wives in total. My eight wives gave birth to over 50 children.

Any wife I marry, I will give her a land, some cattle, and also a small house for her to live in. After I have given all these to any wife I marry, her responsibility is to use all these properties I have given her to take care of herself and the children. The sweetest part is that my 8 wives neither fight nor quarrel with each other. They all live in peace, and they respect me as their husband. My children also respect me, and they are all proud of me as a father.

” I have numerous children, it was difficult for me to train them all in school. I sold part of my land to train all my children in school, but the funds were not enough. I have decided to build a school that will accommodate my children so that I can employ teachers that will come and teach my children. I still want more children, and I still believe I have what it takes to produce more children.

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