Man Realizes Girlfriend Is Dead, Fulfills Selfish Desire Before Calling Police

A man was shocked when he woke up at the bottom of a ravine after a drunken crash to find the body of his dead girlfriend next to him, but instead of calling 911, he decided to toss back a few more beers.

Utah resident Mark James Wyler is facing charges of negligent homicide, DUI and other offenses related to the drunken crash that killed his girlfriend, 20-year-old Cierra Perez.

Reports explain that Wyler took Perez on a joyride down a narrow canyon road near Toquerville Falls in southern Utah, and because he was drunk, he was unable to properly navigate the already challenging one-lane dirt road.

At one point during the drive, Wyler said he lost control of the vehicle and caused it to roll off the road and fall 200 feet into a ravine at the bottom of the cliff. Perez was ejected from the vehicle and died, and Wyler blacked out during the crash, reports Fox 13.

Early the next morning, hours after the crash, Wyler finally came to and noticed Perez’s body outside of the vehicle next to him. After touching her to get confirmation she was dead, Wyler decided that instead of immediately calling 911, he would drink the beers he still had with him.

Nearly an hour and a half after he awoke to the tragic scene, Wyler stumbled out of the car and got to a place with cellphone service so that he could call 911. First responders arrived at the scene and declared Perez dead, and police discovered an empty beer case and partially finished bottles in the debris.

Wyler was taken to the hospital and treated for the injuries from the wreck. A breathalyzer test at the hospital revealed Wyler’s blood alcohol content was 0.000, but due to the evidence found at the scene followed by his admission, Wyler was arrested and charged for the drunken crash.

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