Man kicks heavily pregnant wife out after she caught him with side chic in their matrimonial home (Video)

A dramatic exchange ensued at the home of an unfaithful man after he was caught in the act with his mistress.

His heavily pregnant wife came home unannounced because she forgot something, only for her to see him with another woman.

Angered by the fact that she caught him, the husband decided to send her out of their matrimonial home

A video making rounds on social media captures the moment a housewife confronted him in the presence of neighbours.

She broke down in tears while narrating what happened but the man was not remorseful, rather he furiously told her to leave his house.

The side chic could be seen wrapped in towel standing behind her sugar daddy as he shouted at his heavily pregnat wife.

Despite pleas by the neighbour’s for the man to calm down seeing as he was at fault, the husband insisted that she must leave.

Similarly, a young man was captured on tape creating a scene after he caught his girlfriend cheating on him with another guy.

He confronted his babe and her lover in a room and wondered why she decided to be unfaithful despite giving her N50k every month.

She then argued that the money he gives her is not sufficient and the guy she met gave her N200,000 just for a night.

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