Man Caught Wife In The Act With Another Man And Instead Of Fighting,He Made A Humble Request Instead (video)

An unidentified man walked in on his wife and another man in their matrimonial home and did something most people will rather consider a coward act.

According to the video,the wife and his boyfriend were inside the house when the husband opened the door with a spare key and met both of them in action.He didn’t fret,but simply told the wife “I want a divorce” and went further to ask her calmly,”will you give me a divorce”?

The room is a bit dark ,so I was not sure if she accepted or not,but the husband simply told her ” here is the key”

“I am done with this”.

The wife who appeared stunned was looking so speechless as she could barely utter a word.

Indeed men like this husband is very hard to find ,it would have been a blood bath if this had happened with any other kind of man.Patience is a virtue

Watch video below:

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