“I’ve Spoken with your Ex-lovers who said you still send People to Stalk them” Precious Chikwendu

Former wife of Nigerian politician, Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK), Precious Chikwendu, has taken to social media to discuss about the recent behavior of FFK towards her, as she revealed that she met with the former partners of FFK and they all confirmed that he is still trailing them.

The mother of four who revealed this through her official Facebook page, stated that the alleged obsession of her former husband, FFK, towards her is not normal, adding that FFK decided to spread false information about her after she declined to his efforts of sending her back to his home.

The former beauty pageant further asked FFK why he is sending people to monitor her movements and take pictures of her, adding that she is not intimidated by his actions because she stopped being afraid after her parents died.

The beautician went ahead to reveal that she spoke with some of the ex-lovers of her former husband, and they all confirmed that FFK is still sending people to stalk them, adding that FFK should stop his informants from following her wherever she goes.

Precious Chikwendu also revealed that FFK seized her properties, including her children, but she is still unbroken, adding that she would not have been calling him out on social media platforms if not for her children.

Precious Chikwendu finally stated that she will not stop proving him wrong, and she does not care if he continues to file court cases against her, as she advised FFK to move on with his life.

Here is Precious Chikwendu’s post below;

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