I’ve Been Dating This Man For 2yrs, I Didn’t Know He’s Also Dating Another Girl -Lady To BlessingCEO

A few hours ago, a popular Nigerian relationship therapist, Blessing Okoro, best known as Blessing CEO, took to her social page and revealed the text message she got from a lady

Blessing CEO shared a text message she received from one of her female fans, stating that she has been dating a man for 2 years without knowing that the same man has also been dating another girl for 6 years. She added that she only got to know last month that the man had wedded the lady last year December 2021. She, however, said that the man wants to marry her but she felt guilt and told him that she is not ready as she noted that the man had told her that he can not leave her because of his wife and he will not leave her for his wife.

According to the lady, she said: “Please Blessing, I need your advice. I have been dating this man for 2 years, not knowing he has another girlfriend who he has been dating for 6 years. He got married to her last year December 2021 and I only got to find out last month and I don’t know if I should quit or not. I don’t know how men can be in love with two women at the same time, and he also wants to get married to me but I felt guilty and told him that I am not ready. He told me that he can’t leave me because of his wife neither will he leave his wife for me that he wants the both of us by his side”.

Blessing CEO, however, advised her that it is either she wants to be a baby mama, side chick, second wife, or she should walk away with her dignity as she affirmed that any man who lies to his girlfriend and marry another girl is still a betrayal.

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