It All Started When She Was 10 Years Old: Single Mum Builds Her Parents a 3-Bedroom House of $23000, Wows

Rose Waithira left her parents elated after she fulfilled her childhood dream of building them a three-bedroomed house in Murang’a

Waithira said her parents were amazed that she had gifted them a new home worth $23000

She advised those dreaming of building their own homes or their parents’ to just begin and let things line up as construction continues

A Kenyan woman is over the moon after she finally achieved her childhood dream of building her parents a luxurious home.

Rose Waithira left her parents in joy and excitement after going out of her way to build them a three-bedroomed house in Kambiti, Muranga county, Kenya.

Speaking to a trusted Kenyan news outlet, the mother of one said as a young girl, she always desired to build her parents a home because she was touched by the sacrifice they made to raise her and her siblings

This dream kept pushing her until sometime last year when, though she felt she did not have enough money, she still decided to get started. “I believe in the word begin. With the few coins I had, I started getting the building materials in July 2021. I thank God there is no day the construction stopped because I did not have money. God provided for,” she said.

Pomp and colour as the house is launched

And on June 5, 2022, it was pomp and colour as family and friends joined Waithira in launching the house for her parents who said they were excited and in disbelief.

“My parents could not believe such a thing is possible and until now, they are still amazed of the achievement. They were so happy and proud of me,” she narrated.

In total, I used around KSh 2.6 million. It is a three bedroomed house, one ensuite,with a dining room, two balconies, sitting room. Just a modern three-bedroomed,” she said. She advised those looking to build their own homes or for their parents to just begin because things will line up as construction continues

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