I’m a 41-year-Old Virgin ‘by Accident’ – I Have Only Ever Kissed Two Men and I’m

A WOMAN has revealed that she is still a virgin at 41, but says it’s not through choice.

Michelle has only ever kissed two men in her life, has never had a date for Valentine’s Day and has never brought in the New Year with a snog.

But she’s not given up on the idea of popping her cherry, admitting that she just “forgot” to lose her virginity and felt she never had the opportunity to.

Speaking on TLC’s Virgin Diaries, Michelle says: “Whoops, I kind of forgot to have sex. 

“I feel like my virginity is not a choice so much as it is an afterthought

“You know the first time most people have the opportunity is in high school and I was a geek and a nerd and a little bit of a dork.

“Most people go to college, I didn’t, I didn’t learn that social lifestyle, I was perfectly happy to go home, watch some TV, maybe go to a movie on the weekend with my mom.”

While Michelle has never lost her V-plates she has attempted to go on a few dates but they never amounted to anything.

“I’ve only kissed two men and I have never seen a man naked,” she says.

“I tried to have a relationship and it was such a big deal. Kissing him at the end of the night, I was so scared I literally threw up.

“I haven’t set it up in my head that the first time has to be perfect to me. It’s kind of like having an extra toe or something, I just wanna cut it off and just move on.”

Michelle is convinced that hiding this ‘shameful’ secret is partly to blame for her lack of sexual experience.

So in the hope of ridding herself of it, she decides to throw a ‘coming out party’ for her friends and family.

She explains: “I feel like I’m always hiding this secret. 

“I got the idea to do a coming out party because I just thought it would be a good way of getting everyone together and let them know I’m still a virgin

“I’m hoping that putting it out there will get some interest, I’m definitely not planning on dying a virgin at all.

“From my previous dating experience the issue wasn’t so much the sex thing but the secret thing.

“The act itself is scary but I think I’m more afraid of telling someone.”

With her nearest and dearest gathered around her cherry-shaped cake at the formal dinner party, Michelle decides to make her announcement.

“When the words leave my mouth I don’t know if I’m going to be able to look at anybody,” she says.

But to her amazement, her friends and family meet the news with applause, and some blokes at the party even tell Michelle that they find her virginity ‘sexy.’

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