I was preparing to propose to my babe of 5 years but I just discovered she cheated on me last December – Heartbroken man shares

A Nigerian man has gone online to share a story of heartbreak and betrayal which will most likely ruin a happily ever after which he hoped for.

He said he checked his girlfriend’s phone few days ago and saw chats which made him believe that she cheated on him in December last year.

The heartbroken man said they have been in a relationship for five years and he was planning to propose marriage.

According to him, it was when she visited his place that he checked her phone and saw messages she exchanged with another guy.

She had offered to visit the guy last December and it was assumed that she eventually went to his place.

However, when he confronted his babe, she denied visiting the other man and she has been begging him.

The boyfriend is now worried if he will ever be able to trust her whether she is telling the truth or not.

Read his write-up; ”I have been in a relationship for 5 years now, planning to make it official & settle down with this lady…

Few days ago, she was at my place and I don’t know wat triggered me to check her phone, den I saw a chat between her & another last year December of her telling d guy she wants to come over to his place & d guy asked if she was going to sleep over, funny to tell you, l & dis same lady spent most of last year December together.

She has been begging me, saying she never went to see him but my problem is, can still trust such lady??”

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